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Door Bell. Connect with your home straight from your car.

We set up a Proof of Concept (POC) at the conceptual stage in order to evaluate the usefulness of a Smart Home system project.
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A fast, efficient, cost-effective process that provides information essential to making the right decision regarding further development of the project for mass production.

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The aim was to create a POC solution which would rapidly provide data confirming whether or not the project was viable. The project, which is called 'Doorbell', is a commercial integration for the Smart Home system, which can be accessed from the user’s car. Smart doorbells are part of the system.

The programme works by way of the car’s communication with the gate or door to the user’s home. Their vehicle operates like a virtual key which opens up access to their home. What’s more, they don’t even need to be present. For instance, they can let their children into the home or a courier onto their property while they themselves are at work.
A project team was created. It consisted of specialists whose skills were an ideal match for the needs of the project. Frequent discussions were held with the client at every stage and a car was made available, along with all the necessary surroundings.
The greatest challenge to present itself during the work was integrating the programme with the doorbell. We set up a collaboration with the smart home system manufacturer in order to create a solution which would make integration with the car system possible.
The three key fundamental elements of the programme are:
    • a system that is intuitive to use;
    • video streaming;
    • audio streaming.
All the abovementioned components should enable opening, viewing and two-sided conversations.
All the constituent parts of the project worked. The aim of the POC was achieved. The process was rapidly set up and it proved possible to integrate the car and the existing smart home system. The product functioned as anticipated.