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A delivery notification management application for Amcor

GatePass makes it possible to manage a constant flow of enormous numbers of deliveries, 24/7/365, ensuring the just-in-time arrival of every delivery vehicle at the right point.
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We created an advanced, but straightforward, fast and intuitive application that handles the entire delivery and collection process for one of Europe’s largest packaging manufacturers, optimising the logistical process and making it possible to maintain social distancing.

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We created a tool that manages a constant flow of enormous numbers of deliveries 24/7, every day, ensuring the just-in-time arrival of each delivery vehicle at the right point.

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Amcor is a global leader in the development and production of high-quality, sustainable packaging for a variety of sectors ranging from food and beverages, via pharmaceuticals and medical devices, to home and personal-care products.

Our goal was to improve the timing and efficiency of Amcor’s collaboration with the suppliers providing its factory with components by streamlining the process for delivery vehicles to pass through its gates.
GatePass, a comprehensive application which fully automates the factory’s gate-passing process. This begins with intuitive forms supporting the acceptance and management of each transport delivery notification and goes on to cover delivery servicing, ending when a vehicle is loaded and leaves the factory.

Equipped with numerous functions for the efficient and flexible management of a huge number of notifications, the application was custom-made to meet every last detail of the client’s requirements, requests and expectations.
The application, which was built on the basis of MakoLab’s user-experience approach, allows truck drivers to submit delivery notifications quickly and easily. It also means that there are no obstacles to avoiding personal contact, a crucial aspect these days.
  • A gatepassing process that now takes 10 minutes rather than the hour it previously took
  • 80% of deliveries are processed via the gatepass procedure
  • 1k+ notifications managed per month by the application
  • In use for 2 years now
  • 550 active users in 40 countries
  • ultra-high reliability