ML Consulting A Heroes 04 Strategy
Strategy Development & Deployment
  • Many strategies fail on implementation (mostly those developed by external consulting firms where the implementation is left to client alone).
  • Many strategies are “theoretical” and detached from day-2-day business reality.
  • Many strategies are “themed” – they lack wholistic and top-down approach.
So: Why Strategies Fail?
  • They are not properly implemented – or – they are not implemented at all…
  • They are wrong, or
  • Because they are imbalanced (which is part of the the above)…
Seletcted project case
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Lean & Continous Improvement
Solutions to produce / service more or cost need to be reduced

Visual Performance Management
More effective team management, particularly at COVID. Performance improves

Sales Force Development and Effectiveness
Increase revenues from the existing sales network. Motivation. Incentive.

Data Science and Data Innovative Technologies
Answer business questions with data. Data work culture. Facts before myths.

Business and IT for smart Digital Transformation
When IT has a long queue, business requirements docs do not work & people look for excuses.
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