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Visual Performance Management
Why you should think about Visual Performance Management?
More effective team management, particularly at COVID. Performance improves. Experiencing issues with company / team performance? Dificult to manage and motivate team at COVID time?
  • A method that organizes teams around goals, their specific metrics, and self-organization for improvement.
  • Brilliantly visualizes successes and problems.
  • Makes the decision time from idea to implementation minimal.
  • Additionally, it engages people – there is nothing that motivates to work more than giving people in teams a real impact on the work they do.
How can we help?
"Review of objectives and metricsments
includes verification if they are cohesive for whole organisation.
Confirmation with managers the directions for each team
“Dashboards” projection
in teams. Collecting, filling data and visualisation of the metrics on dashboards.
Short breefing on VPM benefits and how to run regular VPM meetings
includes verification if they are cohesive for whole organisation.
Regular 15-20 min VPM meetings in teams
discussing what are we doing good and what can be improved
Continuous improvement
improvements implementation basis on the daily events – as a result full flexibility and readiness for any business changes
Selected project cases
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Lean & Continous Improvement
Solutions to produce / service more or cost need to be reduced

Sales Force Development and Effectiveness
Increase revenues from the existing sales network. Motivation. Incentive.

Data Science and Data Innovative Technologies
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Strategy Development and deployment
Optimize your business performance through the right decisions and long term development.

Business and IT for smart Digital Transformation
When IT has a long queue, business requirements docs do not work & people look for excuses.
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