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Switch to two wheels
We are seriously committed to the health of our staff and a healthy environment. In line with that thinking, we decided to hold a MakoLab ‘Come to work on a bike’ day. The criteria we set for our offices mean that they are located in a building designed and built for people like us, in other words, lovers of all things green and sustainable.
There are 150 parking spaces for bikes, not to mention changing rooms and showers. With facilities like that, it really is a shame not to travel in on two wheels! Not to mention the fact that, even though our workplace is comfort personified, we know that eight hours in front of a computer can turn our muscles to concrete. Meanwhile, in a study carried out on 250,000 people over five years, researchers at the University of Glasgow found that short but regular bike rides reduce the risk of premature death, cancer and heart attack by 40%, 45% and 46%, respectively. Why take the chance of ending up on the wrong side of statistics like that?!
We therefore dreamed up an initiative designed for bike enthusiasts and, working together with the building administrator, we held it on Friday 20th May. We set up a bike service point for our staff for the day and a City Guard was there to give their bikes a security mark. Everyone who took part could also enjoy a free burger and a delicious coffee in the chill-out zone!
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Monday 23thMay 2022
Ewelina Buchta
Ewelina Buchta
Marketing Specialist