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Digital Marketing

We build and maintain the competitive advantage of our partners’ online channels

The key areas of online marketing

Are you after more conversions and leads? Or perhaps you want to create greater brand awareness? Talk to us! We will help you to prioritise your company’s needs and show you how our experience, expertise and state-of-the-art tools will produce the outcomes you are looking for.
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Web Analytics

We support your decision-making process by providing reliable data and answers to questions such as return on investment and user experience.
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Search Engine Optimisation

In order to ensure consistent and appropriate brand visibility in search engine results, support sales and lead generation, we conduct ongoing analyses of our clients’ websites and continuously optimise their content.
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Online Advertising

When we create ads, they appear exactly where your potential customers are.
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Social Media

Today, social media is more and more often a brand’s first touchpoint. So, at MakoLab, we focus on high-quality user communication and regular updates and on, creating engaging, inspiring visual content. Our clients’ fanpages and accounts are flagships!