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We are Digital Solutions Agency - the single point for digital transformation delivering projects for global companies and the biggest Polish institutions. We owe our success to the team of competent professionals, many years of experience in projects executed both locally and abroad, and to consistent usage of the best available tools.



You will find it on our site. See if you meet our requirements and if so, apply!


Do not send a template. In your CV, specify your knowledge of applications and technologies, foreign languages you speak, and your professional experience.


If you have the skills that we need, we will invite you for an interview. This will help us learn about you.


We will make a decision within a few days and contact you.

We asked our staff.

They mentioned 10 reasons.

Opportunity of professional development
Do you want to direct a team or extend competences in your field? At MakoLab, you choose your own career path. One thing is certain – you do move forward.
Support from your manager and team
New place, new people, new tasks. You are not alone – your manager and colleagues from the team will help you accommodate, answer all your questions and tell you where the coffee maker is.
Cuttin-edge tools of the trade
We work on good hardware and up-to-date software. We are partners of several big players of the market, who share their tools and technologies with us.
Efficient recruitment
On the first meeting (well, sometimes you need two) we learn about you, your skills and expectations. And then we sign a contract. We value your time and patience.
Friendly atmosphere
Friendliness and openness are important to us – we avoid stiff procedures. We eat launch together, play football and jog after work.
Flexible forms of work
We begin between 8 and 9 and finish after 8 hours. We avoid overtime – unless you sleep through a deadline. When needed – home office.
Convenient location with parking space
You can commute by public transport, your car or bike. A huge parking lot for free!
Opportunity of work abroad
We have multiple international projects. Working for them, you will get to visit foreign countries, obtain valuable experience and learn about new cultures.
Healtchare bundle
In 5 variants!
Financing (vacation, house renovations, holidays)
We do not accept half measures. We prefer cash.
Piotr Subko
We are looking for someone almost all the time. If you do not see an offer for you, but you still believe that MakoLab will help you spread your wings – send us your CV.
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