We have years of experience in this dream-fulfilling business

We were a pioneering company in the tourism business already in the 20th century, when realising the websites for ‘Cacadu’- one of the most successful travel offices at the time. Then, flash animations and databases used for supporting the online sale of bus tickets were considered revolutionary IT solutions. Alongside the considerable progress in technology and the dramatically increased internet usage since then, there’s also been huge growth in our eagerness to support and consult tourism companies in utilising IT solutions to make their clients’ travelling dreams come true.
Apart from web presence projects such as websites attracting the prospective guests of “Bulwar Hotel” in Toruń, sites presenting the beauty and tourist assets of the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, or a site reviving the value of the Jewish Lodz Cemetery, we have also created solutions dedicated to supporting the business effectiveness for such clients as e.g. the Lodz Airport "Lublinek". 

Our experience has been enriched by our long-term cooperation with one of the largest Polish tour operators - "Trade & Travel Company". This client has entrusted us with a vast area of their digital solutions, including their website creation and e-commerce projects, as well as other individual projects such as ‘Connector’- a solution allowing the integration of offers gathered from various travel partner offices. Our history is rich in examples of innovative approaches to the tourism industry, with a broad view of our client’s business and a deep understanding of the needs and development trends of the industry. 


Interesting and attractive content, intuitive navigation, beautiful and reliable ‘evidence’ in the form of pictures and tourist reviews – all these are necessary components of a successful tourist website. Utilising one of the proven platforms that are comprised in our offer, the fundamental aspects of a site can be engaged and developed, with any advanced navigation requirements being met through our high-class UX services. What is more, in order to boost the attractiveness of a website’s offers we actively engage the services of our graphics and copywriting specialists.
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When considering spending half a year’s savings on a dream holiday, each obstacle met on the way to buy a travel offer may result in the hesitation and potential resignation from the purchase. That’s why our solutions are oriented at simplicity and transparency – the elements of which are designed at enhancing and building the user’s/client’s trust throughout the journey. Alongside client-based solutions we also support the companies in building their brand’s online visibility and increasing the number of site visits through the use of Performance Marketing (SEO, PPC, Paid Search).
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Integration with accounting systems and customer relations building

Even promoting the best offers and building website traffic does not guarantee the company’s success. Another major element on the path to efficiency are the tools used for supporting decision-making processes and delivering up-to-date sales analyses. At Makolab we have implemented many solutions for this area - a sales results integration module for the "Skybenefit" programme for the Lodz W. Reymont Airport was one such example. For “Trade & Travel Company”, a website-integrated Sales Registration System (SRS) was created, that allowed the gathering of sales data from all relevant sources, the processing of this for analytical purposes and then the automatic sending of this to the Accounting Department, for such processes as calculating commission.
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How can you get insight into thousands of offers delivered by different tourism partner entities? Not only to answer this question, but also to cover the need for this solution we created „Connector” – a solution supporting a coherent information flow in the process of receiving and showcasing offers from diversified world-leading industry distributors.
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