Goal-orientated methods

We have removed the word “impossible” from our dictionary a long time ago. We do not limit ourselves with unnecessary constraints and always aim to realise the established goals. This is possible not only due to the cutting-edge tools, but also thanks to our project management methodologies.

From the very first sketch, through interactive mock-ups, production environments, QA processes and the final deployment. On each of these stages, we emphasise close cooperation with our clients. We value input from the client’s staff – for their knowledge, consultancy and suggestions ongoing. However, we do not make them responsible for the project – that is on us!


Depending on the goal, scale and degree of complexity of a given project, we are able to choose the appropriate strategy. We enrich our abilities through expertise and knowledge obtained from working on projects of various formats, based on diverse management methodologies.

An example of a world-class solution of this kind is the Agile-Scrum methodology. We have been able to practice it thoroughly by participating in the global rebranding project realised for one of the leaders of the automotive market – Renault-Nissan. MakoLab’s goal within the project was to integrate the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution deployed for the client with multiple region-specific external systems. Moreover, the project required coordinating a 200-person strong, multilingual and multicultural team, as well as close cooperation with different companies involved in the project-oriented consortium. Correct adjustment of all elements of this complicated digital structure would not be possible without the high-performance, agile sprint methodology.

Our project management skills also facilitated another international project – the creation, integration and implementation of a complex insurance products sales portal for the Baltics division of Gjensidige, the Scandinavian leader of the insurance market. The fully deployed website was ready to be launched a month before the deadline.

Regardless of your goals, our offer of services is based on the practical knowledge and rich experience in project management. With professional support from MakoLab, comfortable cooperation is a given.



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