Creating multilingual sites does not consist of just translating

If your company works in an international environment, creating and servicing a multilingual website is a must. Such a website doesn’t involve just simple content translations, but also necessitates embracing diverse user cultures and involving certain specific features. It is also important to consider the form and type of materials published, the resulting brand identity and the relevant market penetration. Additionally, technical considerations including content characters (e.g. Latin, Arabic, Hebrew), reading direction (left to right/ right to left), punctuation, numeracy and typology require expert guidance in order to maximise your content’s comprehension. Our multilingual standards are governed by the W3C and meets web standards around the world.

Our experience in multilingual sites include our work with PZU Lietuva (Latvia), ScooterKingz (Germany) and our global work with Renault, where we have created and implemented tailor-made solutions for over 60 countries. MakoLab’s proprietary content management system Auto CMS is used in Greece, Israel and the Arab GCC states, having been technically engineered to include specific features for each nation. The full process has been owned and deployed by MakoLab specialists with consultation and approval from native speakers.
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