Business Director Jonathan Denby
My first foray in to the world of Digital came in 2009, when I founded a small agency whilst studying for an MSc in Marketing Management at Teesside University, in the North East of England. This was formed with the single goal of getting businesses noticed in the fuzzy mess that was an ever growing digital ecosystem, and I headed up project delivery and client services. After successfully releasing one of the worlds first m-commerce platforms for a small retailer I headed to London. During my time in London, from 2011 to date, I have worked across numerous digital agencies in the client services, product development and strategy space. Given my experience in this field, my knowledge of the London & Western Europe markets and the clear competence of MakoLab, it was a no brainer to join the company and head up the UK side of the business and to assist a fantastic team to make waves in such a congested market.

My role with MakoLab is quite simple - end to end engagement with clients here in the UK, Western Europe & beyond to ensure we give the very best service, products and value for money through a complete service offering.

I’m an avid technology enthusiast (my home is about as connected as can be) whilst I also devote some of my time to charitable causes and working with London based start-ups to help them create world class products. All along the way, making sure there is craft beer or two, and occasionally escaping back to my humble countryside homelands of North Yorkshire.