Vice-President of the Board Piotr Adamkiewicz

Mr. Piotr Adamkiewicz is a graduate of the Technical Physics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technical University of Łódź (Master of Science in Physics).

From the very beginning, his career was closely related to the world of IT. When he started working in 1992-1993 as an Assistant in the Structural Radiography and Crystallochemistry Team of the Technical University of Łódź, he was responsible for creating software used in the study of crystalline and molecular structures using X-ray methods. He followed the IT career path working for the Łódź IT company Jason MacKenzie, where in 1994-1995 he held the positions of a Software Specialist and a Project Manager. Then he decided to advance his career further and tied for longer with the Łódź telematics company Ericpol Co. In the years 1995-2016 he held a variety of functions in Ericpol, being in turn: System Engineer, System Expert, Key Account Manager, Head of the Training Center, IT Solutions and Services Director. Until Ericsson's acquisition of Ericpol, the IT Solutions and Services Department composed of ca. 300 people located in Łódź and Cracow. To top it all, in 2003-2005 he also acted as the President of Ericpol Operator Services Co. – the division delivering services in Poland, mainly in Warsaw.

In April 2016, he joined MakoLab S.A. where he took the position of Business Development Director. Being appointed the MakoLab Vice-President on January 1, 2019, he will continue supervising the development of Makolab’s key product - financial simulators platform.