Our experience comes from the very industries that we have served well

For nearly 30 years, we have created dedicated solutions for industry leaders. Our portfolio contains hundreds of projects realised around the globe in over 60 countries. Thanks to MakoLab’s team of experts and in-depth knowledge we operate and deliver across different time zones, cultural environments and linguistic communities. The trademark of our service lies not only in addressing both local and global needs but also in their successful integration across the globe.

We approach our clients by discovering the real rather than implied needs, that way we establish clear goals and objectives. It is our team of experts who are responsible for selecting the proper competencies and IT tools to build the perfect solution. MakoLab’s vast experience and deep understanding of business needs cements our ability to create world-class IT solutions dedicated to supporting complex, ongoing business processes. We’re proud of our work across disparate business sectors where our input has realised huge value.

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