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Bespoke Solutions We offer customised business solutions to meet your company’s specific requirements and, above all, your customers’ needs.
Our experience
Services - White Car XS
Background - My Renault Application Case Study L
Brewers Eye Case Study M - Beer Dispenser
Our focus
At MakoLab, we create tailor-made solutions. Our primary goal is to find the fastest ways for users to accomplish what they want to do while enjoying the pleasure of using the tool we deliver.
Sales Support
  • Sales enhanicing website modules: web forms, dealer locator, configurators, services booking and much more
  • Search Insights: a search boosting tool
  • Marketing and publishing solutions: Landing Pages, press release management and much more
  • Custom aftermarket search engines: branded Used Vehicles Search Engine and much more
Online Financing
  • Financial simulators
  • Budget calculators
  • Online credit-scoring solutions
  • Multi-purpose calculation engines
Management Support
  • ColDis Property Management system
  • LMT Lead Management Tool
  • LICOSS Life Insurance Contract sales system
  • Logistics solutions: GatePass app
  • IT outsourcing services
Customer Care
  • MyCar app
  • Online client zones
We create custom software that helps you obtain and maintain your competitive edge.
Our User-Inspired philosophy assumes that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. An individual approach to customers, their needs and their expectations is a must and has a serious influence on companies’ internal processes, business models, communication and more. With our custom-created software, systems and applications, we will help you to optimise and transform your business, building the competitive advantage that will win you customers and help you increase your market share.

At MakoLab, we specialise in carrying out highly customised projects grounded in our clients’ visions and conceptual requirements. To do this, we employ various approaches:
  • the development and transformation of digital platforms into individual, tailor-made projects;
  • the use of our own, original solutions as framework foundation to be developed into your bespoke solution;
  • a completely tailor-made system, software or application, built from scratch to respond to the individual needs of your business.
Our extensive development skills and experience have enabled us to create and implement numerous unique solutions. There is the ColDis Property Management System supporting Ptak, the largest trade centre in Europe, the LICOSS life insurance sales system improving the client service operations for PZU, a Polish leader in the sector, the custom auto aftermarket search engines operating for Renault all over the world, the MY Renault and MY Dacia client-zone mobile apps for car owners… and these are only a few examples of the business-enhancing bespoke solutions which we have helped to shape and deliver.
Not only the what, but also the how.
Our projects concentrate not only on the top-end solutions we deliver but also on the first-class guidance that we provide to help you feel fully comfortable as we collaborate. Each one is treated individually and is run by a dedicated Project Manager who leads the team of production and creative experts devoted to your project.
This approach towards the organisation of our project work means that we can be certain that each of our custom business solutions bears the hallmark of our powerful skill sets.
Technology Experts
Technology Experts Our mastery of the latest technologies enables us to put them to the best possible use in your individual projects. That, in turn, allows us to create solutions which are perfectly tailored to your business needs.
Outstanding User Experience
The best technology engineering only succeeds to the full when it is paired with an intuitive and attractive interface that your users will love you for.
Quality Assurance
We turn the publishing mode ON only when we’re sure your custom solution works flawlessly. And that only happens once our QA team says “DONE, DONE” and gives it the green light.
Project Agility
Our strong skills and practical experience in various project management methodologies gives us the ability to adapt the method to each individual project and react flexibly to any changes.
We are process agile
We are ready to support you throughout the process of creating your project or to join you at any stage to collaborate on its success.
We begin from exploration, which allows us to understand all of the business and end-user requirements, enabling us to create the best possible results for you.
Applying the understanding we have obtained from the exploration stage, we will set out to validate any approaches with you, your stakeholders and/or your customers.
Once we have a fully validated product and/or communications approach, we will create yot solution, using the best possible software and resources available to us and to you.
We want to ensure that the solution reaches as many people as possible, as fast as possible. Our marketing, social media and hosting experts will ensure that all the right tools and communications are in place for this to happen.