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Connected Experience We link physical touchpoints, creating one network providing smart, connected experiences.
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Connected experience. The future for smart consumers.
The second wave of digital transformation has revolutionised the approach towards things digital. Those digitalised businesses which have already overcome their in-house challenges and adapted to digital reality now see technology as a chance to create completely new services, reshape their business models and reach their customers in wholly new ways.

Customer Experience Management has moved way beyond websites and smartphone apps. The diversity, advancement and availability of (touch)screens have already seriously blurred the border between online and offline. Be it a smart band measuring the quality of our sleep, an interactive kiosk displaying a selected bus route, a digital signage screen at a supermarket telling customers to ‘have a wonderful day!’ or an onboard car computer that lets the driver run a hot bath ready for when they get home, the technological links between the online and the physical form a whole new array of customer-brand touchpoints and experiences for your smart consumers.
At MakoLab, we create end-2-end connectivity software for numerous types of smart appliances. We use customer insights, data exploration, market research and Proof of Concept trial projects and enclose our technological expertise in an outstanding user experience, providing you with a top-end product.

Our portfolio includes a number of globally renowned brands and we are particularly focused on the automotive, finance and insurance, real estate and consumer goods sectors.

At MakoLab, we connect physical touchpoints, amalgamating them into one network. Nowadays, digital is much more than websites and apps. It should also be a smooth dialogue between users, their devices and your brand, even without a computer interface. And that is exactly what we will achieve for you.
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Our Connected Experience
A Tier 1 automotive supplier
Our corporate code and values, our certificates, our work methods and our first-class project standards are the foundations of the strong governance which enables us to work as a Tier 1 supplier for leading automotive manufacturers such as Toyota Motor Europe, Renault-Nissan Alliance and other renowned brands that we cannot name here for reasons of confidentiality.
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Connected Vehicle
MakoLab contributes to the future success of automotive OEMs by using connectivity to address diverse questions of V2X communication, mobility and autonomous driving. We employ connectivity software capabilities to deliver a wider range of features and services which are becoming one of the most important differentiating factors in the industry. Our two-speed R&D model allows us to explore new business models and their economical and consumer viability, enabling us to prepare automotive OEMs for uncertainty and helping them to grasp the biggest possible chunk of USD 1.5 trillion in 2030.

The solutions we create are brought to life as constituent parts of a vehicle, located inside it, in the back-end technology and other devices such as the user’s smartphone. We help to create a connected world, with mobility at its heart, for the benefit of both the manufacturer and its customers.

The MakoLab development process uses the automotive-focused ISO model A-SPICE and agile methodology for software development, while also tapping into the existing customer technology stack. We pay particular attention to quality, collaboration and security and, by working closely with our clients, we not only deliver on projects but also propose innovative ways of adding value to the solutions we provide.

The car of the future will be equipped with technologies that appear on a range of other markets, which is why our Connected Car section works closely with some of our fellow specialist MakoLab teams. We collaborate with our Mobile section, which has extensive experience in smartphone applications and with the UX section, where optimising for user-friendly systems is fundamental know-how. Together, we are building the Connected Car and striving to implement the future, here and now.
Mobile and IoT
Thinking of ‘mobile’ in the smartphone and web app context is long past. The focus now is on understanding the crucial role of mobile as possibly being the most important point of interaction, with new interfaces and new sensory data available not only for inclusion in the solution, but also as the business idea behind it.

A variety of new digital screens, interactions such as touch, visual, voice and VR/AR, not to mention constantly developing mobile technologies, open up an unlimited number of possibilities for expanding your brand experience. Real estate presentations given via VR equipment, trying on virtual clothes in front of an AR mirror, researching opinions on a nearby restaurant using a car’s onboard computer or setting the temperature for all your office control systems via a mobile app are all examples of the reality of smart life today.

Whether we are working on a mobile app or on a mobile solution supporting a wider project, we start from a research and discovery phase that takes us towards forming the idea that will go on to be transformed into a prototype. Before we set goals and create a road map, we will definitely work with you to answer the fundamental questions concerning your project, including:
  • What is its business value?
  • Does it remove friction or improve customer experience?
  • Does it improve the fluency of the customer journey?
  • Is the solution feasible and scalable?
This is one of the building blocks that allow us to move on and provide you with our best technological expertise and project management skills, which will be focused on creating, launching and developing a high-quality solution, tailormade for you and designed to be a gamechanger for your brand.