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Augmented intelligence

Symbolic artificial intelligence is enjoying a renaissance in the form of practical ontologies and knowledge representation systems. It is an important factor of the entire augmented intelligence revolution we are witnessing at present. At MakoLab, we are partners in transferring finance, pharma and automotive industry standards to computer-understandable formats. Our skill sets and experience also include sharing and reusing data across applications, enterprises and industries.
Semantic Enhanced Service Signal Analysis (SESSA)
The semantically enhanced service signal analysis (SESSA) is a service for filtering and classifying potential customers for a particular product or service. In a nutshell, SESSA helps to build a list of the leads with the most potential on the basis of data which is publicly available online.
SESSA is one of the many success stories vindicating MakoLab’s innovation-oriented approach and our hands-on encouragement and development of projects ahead of the sector. In this case, it is a result of our collaboration with a long-term partner, Microsoft.
Search Insights
Intelligent Search
How often do you find yourself stuck for that word… the one that will turn your question into a razor-sharp term to feed into a search engine? And how many times have the responses failed to come up to your expectations? MakoLab can help make all that frustration a thing of the past with SearchInsights, our proprietary semantic search engine, which significantly improves the quality and relevance of the results generated.
Projects for DGS-Fisma and the birth of KnowML
One of the projects we have carried out for the European Commission’s Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA) was the development of a tool which uses machine learning to find definitions and report obligations in EU documents. We are currently researching a solution which will help lawyers to find documents relevant to their cases.
Applying the Semantic Web
Innovations General Automotive KWADRAT2
Innovations Fibo Kwadrat2
  • – which we developed into full-scale ontology and manage it under EDMC governance
Innovations Gleio Kwadrat2
Innovations Lei Kwadrat2
Creation of
the Semantic Software:
  • Search Insights - Intelligent Search
  • Semantic Enhanced Service Signal Analysis (SESSA)
Innovations Car Schema Kwadrat2
Innovations Chemsem Kwadrat

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