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MakoLab research on Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
Blockchain is not a distant future, but a technology already expanding and embracing an increasing number of diverse areas. MakoLab’s advanced research is focused on implementing Blockchain to secure the creation and storage of digital identifiers. Our achievements have already been honoured by the most prestigious business forums worldwide.
In a nutshell – Blockchain is an open, dispersed and easily distributable database with an extremely high security factor (data authenticity – to be precise):
  • mathematical and algorithmic rules make all data saving irreversible
  • data history cannot be erased in any way
  • reverse modification of data is impossible
  • provides an guarantee for the authenticity of saved data
  • Blockchain is neither based on a particular technology nor owned or managed by an organisation. This guarantees total system independence and neutrality
The potential that the features of Blockchain bring has drawn our attention, particularly in regards to its technological application for digital ID storage security, and especially for sensitive data and in providing authenticity warranties - such as the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier), a financial institution's digital identifier. Find out more about LEI and our in-house LEI solution here.
The enrichment of the LEI resolver with Blockchain is only a pit-stop in our research and development process with this technology. Taking into consideration the growing potential of the solution, we are working on further enhancing the LEI resolver with other top-class solutions – semantics particularly – as well as translating Blockchain into other business areas, way beyond Finance and Insurance.
Why is Blockchain a game changer for Digital IDs?
  • Trust – guaranteed by mathematics and algorithmic consensus
  • Data openness – supported by replication technology
  • Uniqueness – ensured by the associated algorithms
  • Decentralisation – guaranteed by the system architecture
  • Non-repudiation – ensured by data immutability
  • Authenticity – guaranteed by consensus mechanisms
  • Resilience and persistence – ensured by easy and low-cost total system distributivity
  • Neutrality – warranted by independence from any form of technological or organisational frames
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GraphChain - a blockchain in practice
The new invention of MakoLab is not another “extension” of Blockchain. It is a new concept that rather than adding Graphs and Ontologies to Blockchain, it starts with RDF database and then adds Blockchain features to the system.