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Search Insight Practically reading your mind
How often do you find yourself stuck for that word… the one that will turn your question into a razor-sharp term to feed into a search engine? And how many times have the responses failed to come up to your expectations? MakoLab can help make this a thing of the past with Search Insight, our proprietary semantic search engine, which significantly improves the quality and relevance of the results generated.
Semantic searching is fundamental to the sphere of artificial intelligence. It is an innovative solution in the field of searching and analysing collections of data in order to provide pertinent information. MakoLab’s Search Insight, a module fully rooted in the concept of semantic searching, has gone into service in commercial projects. One example of this is the RSI-CMS project, which has been deployed by MakoLab to meet the requirements of Renault-Nissan and successfully implemented in more than sixty markets around the world. Our Search Insight semantic search engine is one of its vital components and makes it possible to receive better quality results. The first deployments certainly seem to suggest that it is working exceptionally well!
The ins and outs of a semantic search engine
With the standard search engine used on most websites, a word or phrase, which is to say, a string of symbols, is entered into the search window. The search engine analyses it and presents the subpages containing our search term. The problem with appropriate and relevant searches springs from the fact that the person doing the searching is unfamiliar with the structure of the website. They have no idea if it actually contains the information in question, if the word or phrase they are asking about appears anywhere within it. If we take ‘safety’ as an example of a vehicle-related search term, we can assume that a user entering it would normally be expecting to see information about systems that help drivers to be mindful of safety during a journey. What can happen, though, is that the word ‘safety’ is not used in the subpages containing descriptions of safety systems. This means that the search will not produce relevant results, even though the structure of the website does include subpages that provide information about systems such as anti-lock braking, emergency brake assist, electronic stability control and so on.
Entering the word ‘safety’ into MakoLab’s semantic search engine means that the searcher’s intentions will be clearly understood. Search Insight analyses what kind of information the user is looking for and presents it clearly. For the Renault websites based on the RSI-CMS, we created an ontology dedicated to the automotive industry. A formal dictionary relating to the sector, the ontology consists of collections of concepts and the connections between them. The entire thing forms a conceptual schema which is, in a way, a general description of the sector. The ontology used on Renault’s websites makes it possible to ‘interpret’ the intentions of the person seeking the information. When the word ‘safety’ is entered into the Search Insight search engine, the results contain that word and subpages featuring information concerning safety systems such as those mentioned earlier here. The semantic approach provides a considerable advantage over a ‘classic’ search engine, because it produces significantly better responses to the user’s ‘query’.
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Our Search Insight success stories
Another plus of the MakoLab semantic search engine deployed on Renault’s websites is the assignment of search results to topic-based groups. This approach means that the information the user receives is logically and clearly sorter; for instance, it might be divided up into general information, technical data, data on customer services and sales offers.

The administrative module of Insight Search makes it possible to promote subpages on the list of search results and to create synonyms for words appearing in the ontology. For instance, there was an advert for the Renault Talisman featured a famous Polish actor, Bogusław Linda. Our solution allows ‘Linda’ to be used as a synonym for ‘Talisman’, so entering the word ‘Linda’ into the search box generates results concerning that model.
The first deployments of Insight Search took place on the Renault Malta and Renault South Africa websites in April 2017.
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