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They’re both MakoLab children

Thursday 26th May, 2022
At MakoLab, women make up well over a third of the workforce and an astonishing 72% of our management staff. The vast majority of them successfully combine their professional lives and a uniquely responsible role performed 24/7, with no holiday and no rights to sick leave. . Does that sound a bit weird? 😉 Well, it’s ‘only’ the absolute of being a mum. 😊

Insights decided to talk to one of them, front-end developer Daria Gorajska, who has been with us since 2014 and classifies herself a “MakoLab dinosaur”. As she puts it, she has two MakoLab children! Read on to find out how she juggles her two vital roles…
How did life ‘at the front end’ begin for you
I started out at MakoLab as a .NET developer. It was only after I’d been with company for about six months that the idea of setting up a separate team focused on the front end began to take root. Since I’d always been attracted to that, I decided I wanted to join the new team and that’s what happened. And I’m certainly not sorry!
You’re the mother of two sons. Did they both arrive after you joined MakoLab?
Yes. Igor and Kacper. They’re both MakoLab children. To be honest, you could say that I had one, somewhat extended maternity leave, because I was away from work for nearly four years.
Do you remember the moment when you first went on maternity leave? Did you have any pressing fears?
My main fears were about the child, about what life with a baby would be like and about how I’d work out as a mother. When it came to MakoLab, though, I’d had time to get ready. I knew I was leaving my project safe, so I had nothing to worry about on that score.
What was coming back like? Did you come up against any obstacles?
Coming back was quite a surprise! As I said, I’d been away for almost four years and during that time, MakoLab had changed almost beyond recognition. We’d moved to new offices, the staff had changed and the projects had changed. I left a modest team of just a handful of people… and came back to one that numbered more than twenty! And the changes were visible not only in our team, but right across MakoLab. The company had grown extraordinarily, in a good direction, of course.

To be honest, when I came back, I had to start learning again more or less from scratch. As you know, technology at the front end changes very fast and after so long away, my knowledge was very much behind the times. I was assigned to the Connected Car team just as it was starting work on BASE, which was a new, in-house project. That put me back on track and gave me a massive learning opportunity.
How would you advise new mothers who are just about to go back to the jobs market and might be terrified about that moment?
I’d advise them to stop thinking only about their child and to start thinking about themselves, as well. Going back to work certainly isn’t straightforward, but it is possible to sort everything out.
Well, since you’re speaking from experience, we can certainly believe you! What do you and your family like doing in your free time?
Our favourite thing is a bike trip, but we also love walks in a forest, letting off steam at a playground, launching planes from the top of a hill and just generally spending time outdoors.
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W niewielkiej tajemnicy powiemy Wam, że takich Mam, które wróciły do nas po urlopach macierzyńskich, mamy w MakoLab całkiem sporo. I bardzo nas to cieszy, bo to znaczy, że chcecie do nas wracać i udaje się nam to tak zorganizować, że macie do czego, a na tym nam bardzo zależy!

Jeśli chcesz poznać naszą społeczność i kulturę organizacyjną nieco bliżej, koniecznie zajrzyj na naszą nową zakładkę Community and Culture! 😊

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