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We had to build a platform which would help breweries to grow their businesses whilst building an easy-to-use app for beer-lovers to explore the world of beer.
An intuitive beer info aggregator app that allows the community of beer lovers to explore a whole range of beers and breweries, as well as providing listings of shops, bars, events and more, making it simple to find a particular brew and check it out, not to mention discovering new spots to enjoy a pint with their friends.
With its extensive database of beers and breweries and comprehensive filtering mechanisms wrapped in a UX which also reinforces the brand experience, from reading about the latest beer releases through to linking out to buy new event tickets, the app is a showcase for breweries to promote their brand and product range.
For the breweries:
  • New ways to reach new customers
  • Product promotion
  • Brand building
  • Promotion of beer
  • A new communication tool for reaching a current client base
For the beer lovers:
  • Read news from the world of beer
  • Receive instant updates from favourite breweries
  • Create a log of beers and choose whether or not they would drink a given beer again
  • Create ‘Favourites’ lists for breweries, beers, events and posts
  • Find the perfect location to have a beer; for instance, ‘dogs welcome’
  • 1000+ app downloads on the day it premiered
  • 8500+ kinds of beer from all over the world
  • 500+ database entries of breweries worldwide
  • 500+ database entries of points serving their beers
  • 3rd place on the top British food and beverage apps chart the day after the Google Play premiere