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Bespoke Solutions We offer customised business solutions to meet your company’s specific requirements and, above all, your customers’ needs
At MakoLab, we create tailor-made solutions. Our primary goal is to find the fastest ways for users to accomplish what they want to do while enjoying the pleasure of using the tool we deliver.
Sales Support
  • Sales-enhancing website modules: web forms, dealer locator, configurators, services booking and much more
  • Search Insights: a search boosting tool
  • Marketing and publishing solutions: landing pages, press release management and much more
  • Custom aftermarket search engines: branded Used Vehicles Search Engine and much more
Online Financing
  • Financial simulators
  • Budget calculators
  • Online credit-scoring solutions
  • Multi-purpose calculation engines
Management Support
  • ColDis Property Management system
  • LMT Lead Management Tool
  • LICOSS Life Insurance Contract sales system
  • Logistics solutions: GatePass app
  • IT outsourcing services
Customer Care
  • MyCar app
  • Online client zones
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