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Innovative solutions are what keep your business ahead of the game
In the beginning, there is always the thrill of discovering new ways forward. Then comes the excitement of exploring fresh business opportunities. Our detailed analysis of trends and technological innovations is part of what drives our business forward and enables us to expand our offer and stay ahead of the technological race.
Our focus
  • Digital identification
  • Digital currency systems
  • High-security data storage systems
  • Distributed data management tools
Semantic Web
  • Semantic SEO consultancy
  • Search Insights
  • Semantic ontologies
Machine Learning and AI
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) process enhancement
  • Customer offer and communication personalisation mechanisms
  • Process automation
  • Risk management
Innovation is the pulse of growth
At MakoLab, we are well aware of the key role innovation plays in developing your business. We live in a world where life is smart, societies are technologically aware and client needs are growing and evolving faster than ever before. In those circumstances, how does your business come out on top? Not by simply meeting those needs, but by going beyond them and pointing to the future. That requires a completely new approach to research and development.

R&D is no longer seen as a theoretical addition to a business but as an indispensable tool for staying ahead of the game. Leading companies therefore invest in, and search for, innovative solutions that add real value to their business.

That point of view is one of our guiding principles. We are here to help you to formulate and shape your innovative idea and translate it into a working business solution. To verify it under real-life business solutions, we will support you through the Proof of Concept (POC) projects stage and, once it is ready, we will be with you for its implementation. You can also avail yourself of Makolab's working business solutions in line with your needs.
Some of our solutions at work in businesses
Leiinfo Box
Graphchain Baner Mobile
Innovation at MakoLab
Machine Learning/AI/BI
What engages us here is how modern data management, processing and learning solutions can be applied in order to upgrade an entire business. To say that machine learning simply generates savings and sky-rocketing efficiency in data analysis would be a serious depreciation. In fact, it is a true gamechanger, opening up numerous opportunities in all sorts of areas, including process automation, the development of the Know Your Customer (KYC) approach, customer experience management and Web user communication personalisation, to name but a few.

MakoLab already has a number of well-defined ML/AI projects, such as our intelligent search solution, Search Insights, and our Semantically Enhanced Service Signal Analysis (SESSA), a MakoLab-based auto insurance claim management tool, as well as a MakoLab-based supervisory reporting concept dictionary created as part of the European Commission's DG-FISMA project.

If you are looking for effective solutions that will optimise and accelerate your business, then we have the know-how to create, apply and implement modern data learning solutions which will serve you. Bring us on board and we will support you throughout the entire process, from researching your needs, via workshopping the solution, to testing it rigorously until the moment of mutual confirmation; DONE. DONE.
Semantic Web projects and services
We are among the pioneers and leaders in the development and deployment of Semantic Web solutions, an area which continues to influence the digital market across multiple fields. Our experts, including the company’s founder, Mirek Sopek, PhD, are active members of a number of world-class think-tanks, organisations and international project teams. For instance, Robert Trypuz, our Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) Project Manager, is engaged in translating new ideas into working solutions for the modern Web.

We have a host of completed projects which are already supporting businesses and Web users all over the world. The practical ontologies and vocabularies we have created include our Used Cars Ontology (UCO), Generic Automotive Ontology (GAO) and Global LEI Ontology (GLEIO). We have also built and implemented two extensions, and its financial sibling,

In addition to ontologies, we offer the implementation of semantics in our solutions and business projects, which we apply in our own semantic software, such as LEI.INFO, as well. We also run a Semantic SEO consultancy, which is already in service with Toyota and Renault brands all over the world.
Blockchain solutions
We have been exploring blockchain with a particular focus on its high data processing security aspect. Data saving irreversibility, no reverse modification, guaranteed authenticity and system independence are all objects of our attention, especially in terms of Digital ID solutions.

Our work in this field has already resulted in the development of blockchain-implemented ideas such as GrapchChain and ready-made commercial solutions like LEI.INFO.
MakoLab at the Cutting Edge
In addition to the business perspective we apply to our R&D projects, we also undertake numerous pioneering initiatives. Our partnerships, involvement in scores of external organisations and world-class experts give us a strong voice and ensure our position as a leader in the development of breakthrough projects and knowledge-sharing forums from the frontiers of science and technology worldwide.
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