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A big fish

Thursday December 9th, 2021
He joined MakoLab as a front-end developer in July. Previously, he had spent six years as… a professional soldier! Then, in 2018, he bid the military farewell and turned to programming, which had accompanied him throughout his army career anyway. And in his free time? His list of activities is v-e-e-e-e-ry long, but one thing occupies his thoughts is sitting on the shore or bank of a body of water teeming with magnificent specimens of fish. 😊

Our angling colleague is Piotr Frukacz. Insights talked to him about life with a rod in hand!
Where did your love of angling spring from?
There was a moment when I thought to myself that I’d get an angling permit and I’ve never looked back!
Is it true that angling’s amazingly relaxing?
Absolutely. I love being active, but it’s only when I’m fishing that I can unwind, clear my head and think things over. Although, contrary to appearances, the fish can put up a real fight on occasion and then there’s no time for cogitation and winding down, because you’re dealing with action fishing, a storm of sport angling!
What would you say to people who think it’s hideously boring?
That it’s totally the opposite! Of course, there are days when the fish just don’t want to bite and then you go home empty-handed. There are three kinds of people, I think… well, that’s how it seems to me, anyway. There are those who’ve never been fishing, those who’ve been and never caught anything and those who are afraid of fish… and I know people like that. I’d like to invite people who’ve never caught anything or who’ve never given it a try to go fishing. To a place where there’s sport angling would be best and with an experienced person. I can guarantee that they won’t be bored… and that they’ll have sore arms the next day! And people who are afraid of fish? I’d invite them to banish their fear by keeping me company on a day by the water with my rods!
Have you had any spectacular catches?
I wouldn’t know whether or not they’re spectacular. That’s for the listener to decide. But I did succeed in catching a sturgeon… eighteen kilos and a hundred and thirty centimetres long. And a carp… fifteen kilos, eighty centimetres long. At one competition, where the session lasted around six hours, I managed to catch a hundred and eighty kilos of fish, which won me first place. That’s a massive weight. Of course, it was pure sport fishing, so all the fish went back into the water.
When you’re not working and you’re not fishing, what do you do?
I’m a really active person and it’s not just fishing… there are loads of things I love doing. I like mountain biking and taking part in competitions. I love trips to the mountains and long rambles. I run and compete in that sport, too. I love DIY…
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We don’t know about you but, at Insights, we certainly feels inspired to test our strengths as anglers 😊 And if you’d like to meet Piotr and the other fantastic people on the MakoLab team, just check out our job offers!

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