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Who we are

MakoLab is a digital project house, a team of technology experts accomplishing projects in the digital transformation field. In line with our motto, ‘user-inspired solutions’, we fuse engineering skills and creativity to create intuitive IT tools for ordinary end users.
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What we do

In the era of the experience economy, we provide our clients with dedicated solutions and digital platforms designed to build relationships with their users, grow their businesses and develop their market value. Our focus is on building effective and lasting bonds between brands and their users by applying digital tools to solve current tasks and problems.
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How we work

Our clients’ trust in us and their sense of comfort as we collaborate with them are values so vital to us that we have made them part of the DNA of our work. They are the reason why we invest enormous effort in continuously developing our technological expertise, process agility and quality assurance, as well as forging ahead to achieve an ever more outstanding user experience. Those four points drive the progress of our company culture, our company and, above all, of our MakoTeam.
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As a company, there’s plenty we can do.
As a team, there’s nothing we can’t do.
Mirek Sopek, PhD, founder of MakoLab

The companies which have trusted us

Our priority is providing our clients with the best possible support so that they can achieve their business goals. We undertake digital transformation projects for global concerns and sector leaders. At this very moment, our solutions are providing support to clients from more than a hundred countries around the world, particularly in the automotive, financial, real estate and consumer goods sectors.
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Who we partner with

We see ourselves as our clients’ trusted partner, actively engaged in the digital transformation of their businesses. Our commitment is based on strong technological partnerships and our involvement with organisations which foster the exploration of new opportunities and the development of new professional talents.
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What we are governed by

A primary value for MakoLab is honesty towards our staff, our partners and our clients. We set out to build long-term relationships grounded in trust, empathy and business transparency, working to ensure that our customers feel absolutely secure as they entrust us with their projects and plans for the future.
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