Whatever the value you want to add to your business, be it enhanced business agility, faster time to market or cost reduction, MakoLab will provide the services you need. Our tried-and-tested framework encompasses the entire digital lifecycle, from ideation to 24/7 global maintenance.
Product design
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There is an array of ways we can help you

With business

Understanding business context, delving into benchmarking to discover competitors’ pros, cons and features and mapping out the key processes that will drive growth.

With organisation

Mapping challenges and finding the key enablers for successful change management. Preparing your organisation for the strategic shift.

With data

Spotting the dents in the data architecture, assessing scalability and performance, ensuring security and compliance, building a foundation for enrichment and future developments in AI.

With technology

Benefitting from a comprehensive overview of your existing technical architecture, source code, testing strategies and performance.

With user experience

Using a data-driven approach and user research to quantify, qualify and understand user behaviour, both on-site and off-site (SEO).

With operations

Identifying the gaps in your development and operations processes in order to streamline efficiency and collaboration. Finding out how to optimise your DevOps practices to ensure seamless deployment and maintenance.

Product design

Business design

For PoC and MVP stages, our product design starts with an hypothesis and experimental design. For solution design, we conduct an in-depth analysis and map out the processes to come.

User experience design

Putting users at the heart of design starts with listening to them. Using UX-driven development principles, we start with users, design with users and then build and test with them.

Solution architecture design

Well-structured architecture is crucial to digital success. Architecture design ensures strategic alignment. It encompasses data, system, integration and dev/ops perspectives.


Proof of concept (PoC) delivery

Using a PoC enables us to validate solution feasibility, reducing the risk of investing in unproven solutions. At MakoLab, we often work on PoC projects in conjunction with our clients’ R&D departments.

Minimum viable product (MVP) delivery

By definition, an MVP has just enough features and functionality to address the core problems or needs of its target audience. We use agile and lean startup methodologies to validate an idea with real users, gather feedback and then iterate on the product based on that feedback.

Target solution delivery

Providing expertise which spans web, mobile, software and custom solutions, we ensure that your digital goals are brought to life seamlessly, on time and within budget. We rigorously test, evaluate and fine-tune in order to ensure performance, reliability and user satisfaction.


DevOps / Plug-in ops

Our DevOps services are designed to empower your organisation by providing it with the tools, practices and expertise necessary to streamline software development and operations, ensuring agility, security and efficiency in your software delivery pipeline.

24/7 support and maintenance

Our 24/7 support and maintenance services are designed to provide round-the-clock assistance, proactive maintenance and rapid issue resolution assuring you of the optimal, uninterrupted operation of your critical systems and applications.

Custom SEO services

MakoLab delivers consistent global SEO strategies for brands with dedicated local websites. We maintain high search rankings through on-site optimisation, incorporating our Semantic Web and ontological know-how and quality off-site impacts.

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Our track record covers a range of industries and 700+ major projects which deliver top-end experiences, build business value, use web, mobile and other touchpoints, feature UX-driven design best practices and principles and comply with ISTQB and OWASP QA criteria.


MakoLab currently supports clients from more than 100 countries around the world, servicing global, large, medium and small companies and start-ups. They include: