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The aim of the project is what drives our work, not the technical solution. That way, we establish clear goals and objectives. Our skills and experience, combined with our creative and technical toolbox, are what make us unique.
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Quality is the cornerstone of our work!

In all of our projects, no matter what their size or budget, we pay scrupulous attention to the quality of the work we deliver at every stage. This approach means we can ensure a rapid time to market, often with zero-error production.
Dominik Smajek, Head of Mobile, Head of Quality Assurance at MakoLab
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We know very well that outstanding solutions need firm foundations and stable development. We are committed to building our solutions on a solid basis of security, top-tier online visibility, outstanding visual aesthetics and an innovative approach... a combination that will keep you well ahead of the game.

Technology experts

Our detailed analyses of trends and technological innovations are part of what drives our business forward, enabling us to expand our offer and stay at the head of the technological race.

Outstanding User Experience

Our goal is to create fully intuitive solutions that provide our clients with positive user experiences all the way. This is both the essence of what we do and our source of satisfaction.

Process Agility

Are you puzzled about how to join all the dots of your project? Just invite us in and let us put our first-class, flexible project management know-how to work for you. Of course, we also bring this flexibility into play when change is essential for the good of a project.

Quality Assurance

The job is done when the solution works flawlessly. At MakoLab, turning the publishing mode ON only happens once all our quality control processes have given the green light.

Certifications and partnerships

Our priority is providing our clients with the best possible support so that they can achieve their business goals. We undertake digital transformation projects for global concerns and sector leaders. At this moment, our solutions are providing support to clients from more than ninety countries around the world, particularly in the automotive, financial, real estate and consumer goods sectors.
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