Online financing. Digital solutions for the automotive industry

We created the applications that enhance the Toyota and Lexus online car buying experience by equipping their users with a full range of car financing information before they visit a dealership.
Available on the Toyota and Lexus websites, these highly user-friendly applications instantly deliver real-time data on various stages of the car buying process, including budgeting and financing simulations and credit scoring. And all of it is available with just a few taps or clicks.
Solution delivery
Web sales application
The corporation’s ethos and market-specific requirements come together in global-to-local management carried out via a state-of-the-art back office and an enhanced UX.


The goal
Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is the Toyota Motor Corporation’s captive bank, which operates in more than thirty countries and regions around the world. With its focus on auto loans and leases for Toyota brand dealerships, TFS provides financing to approximately 12.2 million customers annually.

Our goal was to integrate the online car configuration experience with fully visible and adjustable financing offers to give every customer the opportunity of understanding and putting their car financing offer together in line with their requirements. There will therefore be no need to contact a bank salesperson directly.

The solution had to make online car purchasing available to Toyota customers. It also needed to combine the company’s ethos and its market-specific requirements.

The solution
A comprehensive application which fully integrates every car with Toyota Motor's range of accessories and services and with the financial products delivered by Toyota Financial Services.

It also makes it possible to provide real-time default offers on any web page, giving the visitor the relevant information about monthly payments. In addition, the customer can make their adjustments to the financing parameters, in line with their requirements, by using the application’s finance calculator. They can also check their creditworthiness and compare financing products. Finally, they can use the financial model they have set up and buy a car.

Every car financing configuration can be changed through the back office option of the application. With one click, TFS can amend interest rates, the potential duration of loans and the products available, as well as adding promotions and other parameters for the entire market.

Key results
Project highlights:
  • 16 European markets where Toyota has implemented Makolab’s financing tools, including the region’s largest automotive sales markets, such as the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Poland
  • Implementation is available for the Toyota and Lexus brands and for any brand in the Toyota Used Cars Programme
  • Over 1 200 000 default offer activations daily
  • 10 000 finance parameter adjustments activated every day