A case study on 9,000% organic visibility growth

Increased website’s visibility for MT Collection - a top fashion retailer
By optimising the SEO strategy for MT Collection, which uses the Shopware 6 platform, we contributed to increasing the website’s visibility by an impressive 9,350% on Google.pl and to the improved sales results that ensued. Our solution produced clear outcomes in the form of increased website traffic and better search result positioning, significantly improving the visibility of MT Collection in the competitive world of e-commerce.
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Domain organic visibility growth
MakoLab brought a strategic SEO approach to bear on solving MT Collection’s visibility challenge, leading to remarkable results that translate into tangible sales performance improvements.


The client

MT Collection is a top fashion retailer offering a vast range that features high-quality products from global brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Geox, Birkenstock, Cabaia, Fjallraven Kanken, Dr Martens, and Crocs. The store is committed to quality and offers a trouble-free shopping experience. 

The challenge

Operating in the extremely competitive and rapidly changing fashion industry, MT Collection faced the challenge of standing out from the mass of online retailers. To thrive in this dynamic market, they needed to increase their online visibility, attract more organic traffic and, ultimately, increase sales.

The goal

MT Collection’s primary goal was to obtain significantly enhanced organic visibility and search engine rankings to drive qualified traffic to their online store. Tailored SEO strategies for the Shopware 6 platform would be leveraged to boost online presence, attract more customers and increase sales revenue.

Key results

Our strategic approach to SEO optimisation enabled MT Collection to achieve remarkable results within a relatively short timeframe. The domain’s visibility on Google.pl surged by an impressive 9,350%, showing a major increase in organic reach. This heightened visibility translated into tangible improvements in sales performance, with notable increases in sessions, transactions and revenues. The implementation of high-quality on-site and off-site content played a pivotal role in driving organic growth and strengthening the brand’s online presence. The Shopware SEO strategies were leveraged bas planned, enabling MT Collection to achieve significant increases in web traffic, search engine rankings and sales conversions, positioning the company for sustained success in the competitive world of the online fashion market.

This includes:

  •       a 9,350% upturn in the mtcollection.pl domain’s visibility
  •       a noticeable boost of 15% in the number of sessions on the website
  •       a 34% increase in the number of transactions
  •       an increase of as much as 123% in revenues
  •       high keyword visibility in search results, consistent with target group interests