Intelligence amplified lies at the heart of our vision. A pioneering approach which MakoLab has been developing since 2008, intelligence amplified is much more than artificial intelligence. It is technology infused with human expertise to drive innovation and efficiency. With intelligence amplified at our command we:
create smarter solutions, with game-changing features
use automation to enhance the delivery of top-quality software
produce the results that meet our clients’ needs quicker than ever
Intelligence amplified is not about replacing human intelligence, but empowering it. The tools we harness to augment our teams’ capabilities include machine learning, large language models and symbolic artificial intelligence techniques. The outcome is more rapid project development, even better quality assurance, faster deployment and optimised software maintenance.

Our areas of expertise

We will provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your project, helping to bring it in on time, within budget and in line with your requirements.

User-inspired digital solutions

Crafting people-first, UX-driven business solutions

Quality assurance

Ensuring quality through domain-driven design and automation

Human-AI interactions

Harnessing the power of AI and the human touch

Semantic web and ontologies

Translating industry standards for data sharing

Connected experiences

Pioneering connected digital experiences

Global rollouts and 24/7 support

Ensuring that digital projects succeed across the world and around the clock

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Our value proposition

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A customer-centric approach

We focus on supporting our clients by providing their customers with the very best experience. Our solutions simplify the process of making business decisions and help to build brand loyalty.

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Monetisation life cycle solutions

We design IT solutions which allow our clients to achieve real business benefits at every stage of their journey with us, from building visibility and brand awareness to aftersales support.

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Fast value delivery

We are agile. We adapt easily and swiftly to the shifting realities of business and changes to projects. Our driving purpose is to deliver solutions featuring the expected business values and to bring our projects in on time.

Intelligence amplified

In essence, intelligence amplified is akin to artificial intelligence, but with the human factor. It is technology and human expertise fused in order to drive innovation and efficiency.

We build top-notch digital experiences.

For more than 30 years, we have worked to build MakoLab’s brand, offering top-quality services. Here are the results of some of our recent partnerships.

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AI with the human touch
Intelligence amplified

Intelligence Amplified represents a suite of innovative solutions designed to elevate the quality of the systems and solutions we create, bringing advanced digital intelligence and intelligent automation into the MakoLab portfolio.

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