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PZU Life (Licoss) The proprietary, comprehensive
Life Insurance Contract Sales System
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Line of business

Finance and Insurance


Software development


Bespoke business platform

We developed and deployed a system for insurance company PZU Lietuva. The system provides an automated and simplified sales process. At the same time, it reduces costs and expands the company’s client network.

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The client
The client is UAB PZU Lietuva gyvybės draudimas. The main shareholder is Grupa Kapitałowa Powszechnego Zakładu Ubezpieczeń SA (PZU Group), which is one of Poland’s oldest and largest insurance groups, consisting of almost thirty entities at home and abroad.
The goal
Our brief was to create a system which would provide a secure, technologically advanced process for preparing and selling insurance policies and which was designed for the full staff of agents, underwriters, actuaries, executives and sales managers.
The solution
In line with PZU Lietuva’s requirements, we provided a system which consolidated all the available products into one, multivariant solution and gave the insurance agents additional sales tools. The support that PZU Life (Licoss) delivers encompasses the entire process, from data collection and customer identification, via carrying out calculations and the many stages of the confirmation procedures, to the end product, a finalised policy.

The system was equipped with sales modules which make it possible to create, modify and manage policies. PZU Life (Licoss) offers a wide range of functionalities. They include identifying the customer and the insured person, carrying out calculations for various insurance products using dynamic questionnaires on a range of topics, with health among them, generating full documentation and obtaining a doctor’s evaluation of a policy.

The built-in PZU Life (Licoss) calculator facilitates the simulation of a range of product parameters, such as the sum insured and payment forecasts.

In tandem with the main functions of the automated process, the system serves as a tool for providing data sets which are essential to process monitoring and business analyses.
Development and challenges
The first version of LICOSS was created a decade ago. The current solution is the result of modifying and migrating the previous system on the basis of new stack technology. Simultaneously migrating the system and extending it with new modules and functionalities presented a challenge.

During that process, we developed and maintained the first version of LICOSS, which meant working in parallel on both systems in different technologies.
The technologies
Front-end VUE.js 2 + JavaScript 2

Back-end .Net Core 3.1 REST API JWT authentication

Database Oracle 19c

We are responsible for the integration of LICOSS with
the Asseco Life Asseco Business Management System and ONDATO.
  • The process of entering into a contract is reduced from 15 days to 125 minutes
  • LICOSS has enabled PZU Lietuva to generate from 1,000 to 2,000+ calculations every month
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