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Join us!

We know how crucial you are,
of that there can be no doubt!
MakoLab lets you be yourself
and choose the path you want to follow,
relish your work
and enjoy your private life to the full!
We believe in being open, respectful, supportive and generous with our knowledge
With MakoLab, you'll have the opportunity of taking part in projects from the birth of the concept, via development and optimisation, right up to and including the digital marketing campaigns.

We create a wide range of solutions, including in-car systems for communicating with vehicles, extensive sales and customers service support platforms, financial tools for the automotive industry, mobile applications and web portals. We also offer our clients digital marketing and UX support services.

Most of our clients are global organisations based outside Poland and a great deal of our work is focused on solutions for the automotive, financial and insurance sectors. We enjoy the trust of companies like Alians Renault-Nissan, Toyota Motor Europe, Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, RCI Banque, PZU Lietuva and mBank.

As a team working at the cutting-edge, we also have a committed R&D department and collaborate with the Łódź University of Technology, the University of Łódź and the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

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Why MakoLab?

You’ll know what you’re working on
With us, you see the end result.
For instance, a project for the automotive industry -> tests in a real car :)
Major brands
We’ve been working with some of the biggest names for years.
We operate globally
You’ll find our solutions up and running in more than ninety countries around the world.
We respect those closest to you
We really DO understand the work-life balance.
We respect your time and your needs.
Money in your account for sports, theatre, holidays, home improvements, Christmas…
We also have group insurance and medical care.
Do you ever feel that you’re on the wrong track?
At MakoLab, you can switch to a different project or even transform your expert profile.

We value your time

That, of course, is why we keep our recruitment process simple.

You send us your CV

We check whether your experience matches what we’re looking for.

We invite you to a meeting

Just one meeting, with your future boss and our HR officer.
You’ll have the chance to give us a practical demo of what you’ve said in your CV.

The decision and response

You’ll hear from us within a few days.
At the very latest, we’ll be in touch within a fortnight.

Our database

Perhaps you haven’t found a position that suits you, but you’re still interested in working for MakoLab?
That’s great! We could well be needing someone just like you before long!
Leave your CV

Our community and culture

At MakoLab, there are members of staff who have been with us almost from the outset, representing more than two hundred years of experience in total, and there are others who have only just joined us. We appreciate everyone equally and relish talking to them about how they’re getting on, how they find working at MakoLab, their thoughts about their managers and what they enjoy doing in their free time. See some of their responses for yourself!

Do you have any questions?

If you have any specific questions about careers at MakoLab, please contact our HR department directly.
telephone +48 42 2392850