Automotive, finance, insurance and retail are just some of the industries where we bring our expert, in-depth knowledge of value chain, product lifecycle, revenue streams, user habits and behaviours to the table.
Finance and insurance
Real Estate
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We specialise in two areas. One is digital transformation, which entails optimising internal processes and systems. The other is connected vehicles and involves facilitating seamless vehicle communication with the world.

Supporting entire automotive value chain

For more than twenty years, we have been connecting the IT and auto sectors, assisting leading OEMs in adapting to retail trends, enhancing tech and reshaping consumer-brand interactions. Our long-term partnerships thrive on evolving sales processes and tools.

Digital tools and services

We create tailored software which drives business success, enhancing customer relations and boosting sales. Our solutions span CX, SEO, lead management, e-commerce, CRM, visualisers, financing tools, CMS, cloud services and buy-back management.

Connected services

MakoLab specialises in vehicle software ecosystems, delivering intricate, connected vehicle functions, across the application layer, globally, using agile engineering. This enables our clients to monetise on data and adapt rapidly to market changes.

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Finance and insurance

We have been working for insurance companies, captive and retail banks and third-party financial institutions for many years now, providing our clients with the pool of services and skill sets essential to driving the digitalisation of the sector.

Calculators and scoring tools

We create top-end, online financial simulators, budget calculators, pre-scoring tools, credit-scoring solutions, credit/leasing procedure support and multi-purpose calculation engines, providing the tools to support lead generation and sales of financial products and services.

Customer portals and claim management

MakoLab build omnichannel self-service solutions, including customer portals and mobile apps. Key use cases are the sale of insurance policies and claim management support. We are currently bringing AI into play in order to speed up process automation and optimise service costs.

Outsourcing skills

We provide instant access to a broad array of skills, extending your team, as needed, with data analysts, business analysts, project managers, developers, quality engineers, support engineers and DevOps engineers, all with a profound understanding of the finance and insurance sectors.

Real Estate

Our extensive experience in the commercial real estate sector has been gained over more than twenty years. Our proprietary ColDis solution supports our clients in running profitable, effectively managed businesses.

Property management, with ColDis

ColDis is our proprietary, centralised platform. Designed for managing properties, tenants, finances and maintenance, it increases efficiency and reduces errors. Our clients’ real estate businesses are more profitable and better-run, with a much-improved tenant experience.

The key features of ColDis

The system’s key features include lease management, facility management, cost management and a contact point module. It can be integrated with other systems and is scalable, secure, user-friendly and affordable. We also offer robust customer support.

Who is ColDis for?

ColDis optimises the management of all kinds of commercial property, inclduing trade and shopping centres. It is currently being used by property, facility, leasing and portfolio managers to manage millions of square meters of sites.

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MakoLab has built, managed and optimised numerous B2B, B2C, D2C and marketplace e-commerce sites. Being technology-agnostic, we find the best fit for each use case. The most common avenues of collaboration are as follows.

Build from scratch

When we build a new online store, we begin by defining the business model and developing tailored customer journeys. Then we find the right tools and technologies to integrate with each client’s existing stack. Our approach supports their business needs and creates new revenue streams.


We are geared up to help businesses shift to a new solution with a richer feature set, increased agility and improved performance. Moving on from Shopware 5, Presta, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or other SaaS with us gains our clients quicker time to market and a better ROI.

Maintain and optimise

Provide your end users with better experiences and build brand stickiness. Our UX, SEO, analytics and DevOps skills and our maintenance packages will improve your daily conversion ratio, sales tactics and operations.


We are industry-agnostic in our work and always ready to take on challenges from a wide range of sectors. Whenever we immerse ourselves in a new field, we will bring our out-of-the-box thinking to the table, no matter what the digital service.


We have extensive experience with the digital and physical touchpoints which form modern customer journeys and a considerable track record in creating omnichannel experiences.

Skill sets

The core components constituting our areas of excellence are user centricity, UX-driven development, quality assurance processes, data science, compliance with ISO information security and engineering quality standards and our use of AI in our intelligence amplified methodology.

MakoLab. Your one-stop shop

We bring a comprehensive approach to every new challenge, tackling all the technology layers; UX, back end, front end, platforms, server, databases, analytics, cloud, web analytics and SEO. Our clients have no need to coordinate multiple agencies. They talk to us and deal with everything!

Case studies

Our track record covers a range of industries and 700+ major projects which deliver top-end experiences, build business value, use web, mobile and other touchpoints, feature UX-driven design best practices and principles and comply with ISTQB and OWASP QA criteria.


MakoLab currently supports clients from more than 100 countries around the world, servicing global, large, medium and small companies and start-ups. They include: