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Bridging the IT and automotive worlds with connectivity software capabilities and innovative digital solutions

Your trusted partner in automotive innovation

20+ years of experience

We are a premier automotive IT partner, forging long-term collaborations with industry leaders.

Partners with major automotive brands

We are partners and support the growth of leading OEMs, dealer networks and captive companies.

Information security

Our rigorous working standards are confirmed by ISO 27001, 9001, 14001, 45001, TISAX and Ecovadis certification.

Solutions for software defined vehicle ecosystems

Our global services span software-enabled vehicle ecosystems and complex connected in-vehicle, backend and IoT functions.

End-to-end services

We empower clients to adapt to evolving retail trends by offering end-2-end services that build efficient technological support to cover the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Automotive grade project management

Employing modern software engineering methodologies, we deliver rapid responses to market changes while maintaining a focus on automotive industry needs.

Innovation-driven automotive services and solutionsMakoLab pioneers innovation in the automotive sector, offering cutting-edge digital services and solutions that propel industry players forward. With over three decades of digital experience, we have been at the forefront of transforming automotive brands to excel in the digital age.

Delivering value across the entire customer journey and vehicle lifecycle

01. Pre-sales
We excel in boosting brand visibility and driving sales through SEO services, website and e-commerce solutions, dealer locator tools, configurators, visualizers, and financial simulators.
02. Sales
We specialise in optimising the sales process with dealers’ management systems, CRM systems, online sales platforms, and credit check and financing solutions.
03. After-sales
We specialise in post-sales solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our services include service and warranty management, mobile apps for convenience (e.g., find charger), loyalty programs, and connected vehicle platforms.
04. End of life
We specialise in streamlining the sales stage with our end-of-life solutions, including remarketing platforms, vehicle/data lifecycle management, and buy-back/claims systems.
05. Additional services across stages
We provide comprehensive solutions to streamline the sales stage, including data management platforms, connected services, digital transformation services, IoT/connectivity platforms, analytics and reporting tools, and manufacturing/logistics integrations.

Powering digital innovation for the entire automotive ecosystem


Providing comprehensive solutions across the vehicle lifecycle for leading car manufacturers like Renault and Toyota.

    Automotive suppliers

    Using digital transformation and connectivity to assist companies supplying components, parts and services to OEMs.

      Dealership networks

      Offering dealership management systems and sales and marketing solutions to enhance distribution networks and independent dealerships.

        Mobility and transportation service providers

        Supplying connectivity platforms and integrated services to support companies involved in car sharing, rental and fleet management.

          Financial institutions

          Delivering online financial tools and credit approval systems to banks, credit providers and insurers involved in automotive financing.

            Areas of expertise

            Digital transformation and connected vehicles are reshaping the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry. Our expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of innovation, from enhancing marketing and sales strategies to revolutionising mobility with IoT data platforms and software-defined vehicles. With our focus on integrated solutions, we are driving efficiency, convenience and growth in the automotive sector.

            Digital transformation
            • global-to-local brand management
            • marketing and sales support
            • purchasing process support
            • dealership chain collaborations
            • business performance
            • multimodal integrations
            • financing tools
            Connected vehicles
            • custom software development from PoC to DevOps
            • enabling software-defined vehicles
            • creating value for CASE
            • focus on the application layers
            • data management and analytics 
            • user experience and design
            • quality assurance and testing
            • project management and agile practices

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            We are fuelled by

            Software engineering
            • Front-end development
            • Back-end development
            • Mobile development
            • In-car development
            • Database development
            • Cloud services
            • Integration services
            • Proof of Concept
            • Augmented intelligence
            • Blockchain
            • Machine Learning
            • Artificial intelligence
            Consulting and coordination
            • Process optimisation
            • IT system audits and optimisation
            • Project management
            • Global rollouts
            User experience
            • Product design
            • User research
            • UX/UI strategy
            • UX audits and support
            • Data science

            We apply top security standards


            ISO 27001

            ISO 9001, 14001, 45001


            Our automotive numbers

            cars connected instantly
            to solutions we have engineered
            online operations carried out daily
            on our financing simulators for Toyota Financial Services and MOBILIZE Financial Services
            connected car PoCs developed yearly
            for automotive OEMs
            Toyota domains
            optimised, systematically improved for search engine results and monitored for organic search performance
            customer interactions
            processed worldwide in our lead management tool for Renault
            around the world

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