Navigating tomorrow. Insights from March events

At MakoLab, we keep a vigilant eye on emerging trends, potential innovations and events that give us an insight into the future of the automotive and aviation sectors and an occasion to present our own perceptions. March saw us attending three expos; SAE International AeroTech in North Carolina, 3rd Digital Revolution in Connected Cars in Munich and Airspace World in Geneva. Our delegates, Monika Maciejewska, Samir Nasr and Łukasz Puzder, set off to the events not only with great expectations of close encounters with cutting-edge technologies and trends, but also armed with their own ideas and observations, intent on verifying and showcasing them. 

Since MakoLab would never let an opportunity of feedback from three major industry events pass by, our news team was quick to interview them, asking them to share their takeaways and tell us about the trends they saw emerging in front of them.

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Our superpower? Open, enquiring minds

MakoLab is a trailblazer not only in terms of new software solutions, but also when it comes to identifying the technological and business potential in undeveloped and underdeveloped areas. This would be impossible without participating in industry events with a global reach. 
Business developer and project manager Samir Nasr headed off to Geneva for Airspace World, a niche but prestigious expo and conference. The topic than interested him most was drones and he noted some potential solutions for drone manufacturers. 

I really want to ask the drone manufacturers; ‘if you can sell this product many times why would you sell it only once? We can talk about it and we (...) have a solution that we’re already using with Renault and (...). [Our] Vehicle Lifecycle Manager (VLM)’. (...) This would add a lot of value [for] drone manufacturers and retailers.
Samir Nasr, Business Developer and Project Manager

Change is in the air

Business developer Monika Maciejewska represented MakoLab at AeroTech®, organised by SAE International in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the interview with Insights, she focused largely on artificial intelligence (AI), a tricky topic but, given that it is used in data management and analysis, a subject that is definitely present in the automotive and aviation industries. In terms of aviation, it helps improve safety procedures and optimise flights. To give just one example, pilots can receive data-based guidance and instructions which enable them to save time and fuel. 
For Monika, the latest trends in creating and shaping a new kind of employment were the crème de la crème of the event. Known as IDEAL, its name is an acronym formed from Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Leadership. 

A big part of the discussion was about the workforce and employees and engineering experts. They were discussing this concept named IDEAL, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Leadership. And that was something different and something fresh when it comes to [the] majority of most engineering and technical discussions.
Monika Maciejewska, Business Developer

AI is the future

One common denominator of all three events was belief in AI technology. During the interview, our delegates discussed not only self-driving cars, but also self-flying planes and autonomous drones, presenting their own conclusions and those of panellists at the events. 
Customer engagement specialist Łukasz Puzder, who was in Munich for 3rd Digital Revolution in Connected Cars, said that AI is indispensable and inescapable. At the same time, he pointed out that the automotive industry recognises that drivers are still going to want to be in control of their vehicles. 

AI is a must-have right now and it’s present everywhere, even in very simple solutions. I think it’s more about using it in the right way because (…) self-driving cars are a future that will happen (…) but people still would like to take control of the car. However, even then, (...) AI will be needed to support... to make driving safer and also to be a companion-partner during trips.
Łukasz Puzder, Customer Engagement Specialist

New beginnings begin here

Deacceleration is never a thing at MakoLab. More events are appearing on the horizon and we will have representatives at them at them all. And, as always, Insights will be here afterwards, sharing our knowledge of the latest trends and potential spheres of innovation with you!


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