Managing fleet car sales (and more)

Solutions by MakoLab for Renault, Dacia and Alpine
MakoLab is extending Renault’s NEST platform, streamlining the management of car fleet orders. The project simplifies the preparation of comprehensive quotes by integrating the data from multiple sources and provide better analytic capabilities as a result of using the AWS cloud.
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The primary goal of the project was to simplify the preparation of comprehensive offers and orders for new vehicles by integrating data from multiple sources and providing better analytic capabilities through using the AWS cloud.


The client

The client is Renault Polska, part of Renault Group. An international enterprise originating in France, it has been operating for more than 115 years and is the world’s fourth largest vehicle manufacturer.

The challenge

The NEST platform by MakoLab for Renault Polska is an ongoing project. With corporate fleets representing a significant segment of Renault Group’s new vehicle sales, the decision to extend the application to encompass that functionality was made. MakoLab’s task was to automatise and simplify the management of fleet car sales to businesses, making it possible to place one order covering the sale of multiple vehicles.

Previously, business clients were served in the same way as individual customers. Now, the requirement was for dealers to be able to issue a quote for  multiple vehicles at once. Providing a client with a single document covering all the fleet cars purchased was also a necessity, as was the capability of applying a discount programme on the basis of the number of fleet vehicles purchased. 

MakoLab faced the challenge of shaping NEST to service the new requirements. This involved automatising the process of placing an order for multiple vehicles, which would eliminate the previous lack of order consolidation. At the same time, the project presented the significant technical challenges of integration with Renault’s external systems and the transfer across to the AWS Cloud platform. In addition, the integration introduced limitations which had to be overcome when it came to preparing the functionalities.

Selling corporate car fleets involves generating a range of subprocesses which are responsible for servicing every single vehicle in the fleet. With quotes for fleets, the synchronisation of various subprocesses needs to be controlled, as does servicing any errors which may occur.

The goal

The goal of the project is to take the NEST platform to the next level with a fleet management module providing additional functionalities for servicing corporate fleet vehicle sales and the placement of multiple vehicle orders.

The solution

The NEST platform by MakoLab for Renault Polska is used by every Renault and Dacia dealership for preparing quotes and orders for new vehicles. It was recently deployed at Alpine, where it is also now in use.

Our engineers developed a system which combines a CRM application and crucial in-house Renault and Dacia brand apps to create a single cohesive sales tool. The platform, which was created in collaboration with teams from Renault Polska and Grupa Dealer, was built entirely on the basis of tools and services available from the AWS Cloud.

The solution facilitates a number of processes, including full configuration of single and fleet vehicles, the sale of accessories and services, purchase financing and special bodywork. This not only makes it easier to construct a quote, but also supports the client’s preferences for the collection and analysis of data which had previously been spread across numerous systems.

Key results

The project encompasses two stages. MakoLab began work on stage one in mid 2021. This involved creating and developing the entire fleet order management module, including:

  • an RCI Bank application for preparing quotes and carrying out financial calculations for new vehicles;
  • the integration with the CPL application for offering accessories;
  • the SLAS application for selling services and extending warranties;
  • Car Export, an application for pricing used cars traded in as part of a purchase;
  • the integration with Distrinet, an application for ordering the production of vehicles that have been contracted for.

Work is currently in progress on stage two. The outcome will be integration with the external discount module for fleet orders. 
Almost 100 Renault, Dacia and Alpine dealers are currently using the fleet car sales solution custom-created for them by MakoLab.