Redefining vehicle lifecycle management. Buyback by MakoLab for Renault Polska

A universal system for managing the entire vehicle lifecycle
The Buyback Management Tool was designed as a universal system for managing the entire lifecycle of vehicles, automating processes, integrating data from numerous external systems and analysing them. The result was a unified platform that supports the management of fleets and individual vehicles from production to resale and beyond.
Solution delivery
Vehicle lifecycle management platform
The main goal of introducing the buyback system was to create a unified platform to support the management of fleets and individual vehicles throughout their lifecycle, together with all the relevant data.


Market context

The used car market is booming, with high prices and ongoing inflation powering shifting consumer behaviour patterns. In response to this transformation, tools are being created to streamline the purchase and sales of new and used vehicles. For the foremost players in the automotive industry, remarketing used cars has become a vital aspect of their business strategy. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. There is the absolute necessity of managing vast quantities of data, including service history and information about the condition of the vehicles. Integrating and analysing those data demands advanced technological solutions to automate the process and increase efficiency and efficacy during the various phases of remarketing and refactoring. Monitoring the stages of each vehicle’s lifecycle, in other words, manufacture, acquisition, refactoring and sales, is equally as essential. 

At MakoLab, our constant observation of trends and changes in the automotive sector gives us a profound understanding of all the challenges involved and of our clients’ needs. One of those clients is Renault Polska.

Our work with Renault Polska on creating the first version of the Buyback Management Tool began in 2013. Then, with the emergence of new business needs, the increasing volume of vehicles being served by the system and the (growing) progressive technical debt, the collaboration was continued in 2022 with a state-of-the-art set of functions and modules adjusted to the client’s requirements. The new architecture and technology proposed for the contemporary version of the platform successfully guarantee the solution’s scalability and stability in the face of continually expanding volumes of vehicles.

The client

Renault Polska is on an ongoing quest for new solutions in order to meet the shifting demands of the market. The company develops technological tools that will streamline the process of selling and repurchasing new and used vehicles. Its strategy focuses on an innovative approach to managing the lifecycles of vehicles and remarketing them.

The challenge

The landscape of the automotive industry is teeming with challenges connected with managing vehicles throughout their lifecycles, from sales, via servicing, diagnostics, cost estimation and repairs, to repurchasing and reselling. This is a complex set of processes and it demands advanced technological solutions which facilitate the integration of data from a range of sources, creating a unified system that supports the management not only of fleets, but also of individual vehicles from their initial registration to being withdrawn from service. 

One of the primary challenges is handling the enormous quantities of data from numerous sources, including each vehicle’s service history and information on its technical condition, as well as data relating to the market. The effective integration and analysis of these data are crucial to effective decision-making.

The Buyback Management Tool is responsible for process automation. Managing operations like appraising, registering, servicing and remarketing manually is time-consuming and expensive. Automating them reduces operational time and costs.

Equally as vital is the comprehensive management of vehicle lifecycles. Tools and systems supporting every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle, from production to its final withdrawal from use, ensure smooth operations, compliance with legal regulations and conformity with client expectations.  

The integration of various data management systems is another critical aspect. Ensuring a seamless flow of information between different departments and systems supports strategic business decisions and facilitates the more effective management of an enterprise’s resources.

The goal

The main goal of introducing the buyback system was to create a universal tool for managing the lifecycles of large numbers of vehicles. The intention was not only to automate the processes, but also to improve the Renault customer experience. The goal was also extended beyond the automation and optimisation of used vehicle lifecycles to include streamlining new car sales. In consequence, Renault Polska can offer a wide range of vehicles in response to the needs of various market segments. The newly emergent platform was expected to become a space where data from a range of field systems are aggregated, processed and presented to the end user in the form of transparent reports and statistics.

The solution

The Buyback Management Tool (BMT) is a solution that supports all the stakeholders involved in monitoring vehicle lifecycles, including OEMs, dealers, fleet clients and individual buyers. As a comprehensive back-end solution, it collects, stores and shares data in real time, covering crucial business areas like sales and leasing, deliveries, servicing and remarketing. 

The BMT provides data integration and optimises the processes connected to the repurchase of used vehicles and bringing new cars onto the market. As a result, it facilitates more effective vehicle fleet management and makes it possible to formulate offers that are better suited to market needs. It comes with a wide range of modules which support pivotal operations, including: 

  • managing vehicle record sheets: monitoring the condition and location of vehicles in real time;

  • creating quotes: generating commercial offers for clients by way of an automated process;

  • report generation: compiling comprehensive, transparent reports on vehicle condition and history;

  • managing pre-delivery inspection (PDI): co-ordinating and monitoring PDIs;

  • diagnostics: integration with diagnostic systems, facilitating remote monitoring of vehicles’ technical condition;

  • repair cost estimates: cost estimates are automatically generated on the basis of diagnostic data and a vehicle’s service history;

  • invoicing: managing the process of invoicing for services and vehicle sales;

  • compiling sales packages: configurating and optimising sales packages in line with clients’ requirements.


We designed the BMT to integrate and coordinate with other key external systems used by the client, including their ERP, CRM and service management systems. Our open architecture and use of standard API interfaces mean that the platform facilitates the unhindered exchange of data and integration with existing IT systems.

Key results

The Buyback Management Tool by MakoLab is the most advanced platform providing support to Renault Polska in its sales of new and used vehicles. The buyback processes are now optimised for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Automation and data integration has made appraising vehicles and preparing them for resale a much faster and sharper procedure. The introduction of cutting-edge tools has enabled Renault Polska to carry out precise calculations of vehicle value, while the integration of a wide range of data, including service history and market information, also contributes to more exact vehicle appraisals. The optimised appraisals play an important role in maximising profits from vehicle resales, which not only supports the remarketing strategy and enhances its efficacy, but also facilitates a more comprehensive client and customer service. 

The BMT platform is central to the management of vehicle lifecycles. Our design took into account not only the buyback processes, but also wide-ranging support for two vital departments which are often closely connected: used cars and fleet sales. With its comprehensive data integration, the system facilitates the optimisation of fleet management processes, which translates into enhanced operational effectiveness. The extensive modules support crucial operations, including managing vehicle history sheets, compiling quotes, generating reports, managing PDI, diagnostics, estimating repair costs, invoicing and creating sales packages. 

Designed to adapt to rapidly shifting market demands and enhance client and customer satisfaction, the BMT is boosting Renault Polska’s position as an innovative solutions leader on the automotive market.

The BMT in numbers

Renault Polska has shown substantial operational growth and effectiveness as a result of deploying the Buyback Management Tool.

  •      10,000+ active vehicles
  •      50,000+ archived vehicles
  •      240,000+ documents related to vehicles
  •      170,000+ records processed from external systems to vehicle profiles every day