Deeds, not words

As a company, we are well aware of the fact that our business decisions have a real impact on the world around us. Contributing to our local community is part of our day-to-day existence and we are lucky that Łódź is a very active city which is constantly developing. As it flourishes, so do its NGOs and we are major fans of theirs.

For years now, MakoLab staff members have been involved in the nationwide Noble Gift initiative, which brings real help over the Christmas period to households battling hard times. A self-organising team of MakoLabbers sets to work sorting out gifts and arranging the logistics, with a new person picking up the leadership baton each year. Watching the scale of the team’s activities is fascinating and offers more and more surprises as time goes on.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we ran a ‘Give a computer a new lease of life’ campaign, collecting equipment for children whose lack of a computer meant they had difficulty accessing their lessons and schoolwork.
We are involved in helping the Dom w Łodzi (A Home in Łódź) Foundation , a charitable organisation running a home for seriously ill, orphaned and abandoned children and giving them a chance to live a happy and healthy life. It provides twenty-four-hour medical care, daily rehabilitation and expert support from educators, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists and social workers and we make donations to help with all of that.
In 2021, we did everything we could to spread the word about the organisation’s activities among our staff and clients. That included sending Christmas cards featuring artwork created by children who are friends of the foundation and seasonal greetings written by our staff to our clients all over the world. The cards also gave the recipients details of how they could donate to the cause. During our company Christmas party, we held an auction to raise money for the foundation. The good hearts of our staff meant that we were able to donate PLN 10,000 to assist the organisation in carrying out its statutory activities.
We are also doing everything we can to help our friends in Ukraine, both on our own initiative and by joining larger campaigns. We have lost count of the number of trips that MakoLabbers have made between Łódź and the border crossings. One weekend, it transpired that a colleague needed help in bringing members of her family to Poland. People slipped into gear as fast as lighting. Phone calls were made, communications technology was put to work and, by Monday morning, transport to Łódź was waiting at the border. We have carried people and pets to safe havens and we have even helped to get some cats from Lviv adopted. We have also made our annual meeting for summing up the year a time to collect items for people in need.
We are proud of our staff, who never cease to astonish us with further initiatives and ideas for how to make them happen.
22nd April 2022
3 min. read

Ewelina Buchta

Employer Branding Specialist

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