Custom SEO Services

Win more business by leveraging a customised strategy, tailored workflow, flexible service range and AI tooling. The Semantic Web, global projects and a data-driven approach are our daily life. We provide end-to-end support, blending SEO with UX, content management, development and web analytics.

Core features

Focus on success

We focus on lead generation, partnership acquisition and sales. Our SEO boosts your visibility and lowers your costs.

Custom SEO strategy

We create personalised strategies to enhance online visibility, drive targeted traffic and boost search engine rankings, delivering sustainable growth and measurable results.

Semantic Web

We are co-authors of Schema extensions and we actively use structured data to inform search engines about your products and services to boost you to an extremely high ranking.

AI tooling to accelerate global projects

We run global projects with hundreds of domains and handle daily technical checks with automated, AI-powered crawls to support global brands communicating via millions of pages.

Web analytics included

We provide Google/Matomo + screen recorder setup, optimisation, custom Looker/Power BI dashboards and expertise in microinteractions for improved digital experiences.

UX included

Our UX skills enable us to optimise on-page user behavior, enhancing the entire user journey to achieve conversion goals.

Search generative experience Search Generative Experiences (SGE) is a game changer in the realm of digital marketing and SEO. This AI-driven innovation signifies a paradigm shift in content delivery and consumption, necessitating a new wave of SEO strategies tailored to AI interpretation.

Our SGE strategies are designed to craft content that is not only rich and detailed but also contextually attuned to optimal and semantic AI interpretation and application.

AI-friendly content optimisation

Develop content that resonates with AI algorithms, ensuring that it is comprehensive and contextually abundant for better interpretation and utilisation.

Making your content stand out

Create unique content that not only answers queries but is also distinctive in AI-generated summaries, capturing your audience’s attention.

Quality and relevance

Prioritise the quality and relevance of your content to ensure it aligns with user intent and search context, enhancing your visibility and engagement.

The scope of our SEO services

Technical SEO
Technical SEO is a crucial aspect of website optimisation, focusing on enhancing the site’s structure and indexability, along with its accessibility to search engine robots. Key components of our technical SEO service include optimising URL structures to minimise 404 errors, addressing duplicate content issues, improving the internal linking structure, ensuring the correct implementation of mobile responsiveness, localisation, language settings and image optimisation best practices. They also encompass implementing canonical tags, the robots.txt file and sitemap for better crawl ability, utilising markup for enhanced search engine understanding and regular reporting, as well as analyses to track performance and identify areas for improvement.
On-page SEO
We apply a set of strategies and practices directly to a website to improve its visibility in search results. We know that content is the key to success, which is why our approach involves aligning keywords with existing subpages on your site, ensuring the quality of meta tags across your subpages, enhancing subpage header quality, providing recommendations for generating new subpages based on content gap analysis and offering regular reporting to track progress.
Off-page SEO
We establish a strategy for actions taken outside the website to improve its position in search results. With these techniques, we are able to build not only trust in the website, but also its authority and external reputation on the Internet. Doing this includes building domain authority, securing valuable and organic backlinks, conducting a thorough clean-up of any toxic elements in the backlink profile and providing comprehensive reporting to keep our clients informed of the results.
SEO audits
Our customised audits are created and completed within 2-4 weeks. Leveraging advanced proprietary SEO tools, we evaluate over 100 crucial data points to identify your website’s low-hanging fruits and highlight obstacles affecting traffic. This in-depth analysis forms the basis of our detailed report, which prioritises actionable SEO recommendations, allowing you to focus on the most effective areas for improving ROI. Our comprehensive audits include a technical SEO audit, which analyses the site’s backend infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, speed and crawlability. Our on-page SEO audit evaluates content quality, keyword optimisation, meta tags and your website’s overall structure to enhance its relevance and user experience. Finally, our off-page SEO audit assesses backlink profiles, domain authority and external factors to strengthen your website’s online reputation and authority. Our detailed audit service will provide you with a clear roadmap to improve your search engine rankings and maximise your online potential.
One of our success stories

MT Collection

MT Collection is a top fashion retailer offering high-quality products from global brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Geox, Birkenstock, Cabaia, Fjallraven Kanken, Dr. Martens and Crocs.

The SEO services we provided:

MakoLab brought a strategic SEO approach to bear on solving MT Collection’s visibility challenge, leading to remarkable results that translate into tangible sales performance improvements.


  • a 9,350% upturn in the domain’s visibility
  • a boost of 15% in the number of sessions on the website
  • a 34% increase in the number of transactions
  • an increase of as much as 123% in revenues
  • high keyword visibility in search results

Our wide-range toolbox

We provide SEO services for the following industries and technologies

  • Automotive  
  • Ecommerce   
  • Fintech  
  • Healthcare  
  • Real Estate  
  • International 
  • Shopify  
  • Shopware  
  • Wordpress   
  • Magento  
  • Strapi  
  • HubSpot
  • .Net
  • Angular
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • React  
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js

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Applying top standards for SEO projects


ISO 27001

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001


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