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A quality shock in QA!

Friday, 27th August, 2021
Piotr Kowalczyk has been with us three months now, working as a quality engineer. He decided to enter the world of IT at the beginning of 2020. He started with Python, but the onset of the pandemic curbed his appetite for career changes. In 2021, he completed a testers’ course. Today, that background is standing him in good stead as he starts with a bang on the largest project currently under way in our Business Solutions Department. Piotr talked to Insights about his first months at MakoLab.
How are you finding life in QA?
I was involved with quality before I came to MakoLab, but this is a whole different ball game. Before, my main tool was Excel. Here, I’m even working in Postman and I’m exploring more and more new tools. I’ve also got a training course covering the MakoLab Automation Framework coming up soon.
How are you settling in with the new team?
I went through a bit of a shock, quality-wise. Where I was working before, everything had to be done ‘by yesterday’. I was racing from fire to fire, from one critical situation to the next. The organisation here is really much, much better. Instead of ‘by yesterday’, I hear ‘take your time’. I do my job in the time needed to do it and everyone’s satisfied. I’ve certainly got work to be done, but I’m not so snowed under that I simply don’t know where to start.
After two weeks of training, you were assigned to the largest project our Business Solutions department is currently working on. Tell us something about that.
I’m the third QA on the project. To start with, I was worried about how the developers would feel about me as a tester, given that my comments would be directed at them. But it turned out that everyone’s thinking is pro-project. We’re all shooting for the same goalposts, working together to improve something and streamline it. I’m learning a huge amount from them because I’m dealing with the back end a lot. There have been times when I was finding it tough to test something and I’ve had to go back to the authors so they can explain how it works. My introduction to the project was brief, but I’m a quick learner. Even so, I keep coming across something new. Fortunately, there’s no lack of support for me here. There’s nobody who wouldn’t help me.

It’s true! They’ve really done their best to help! 😉 And it’s great that our Elite QA Unit has gained a talent like Piotr for the team. Good luck in the upcoming months!
Piotr Kowalczyk was talking to Marta Piotrowska

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