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Senior Java developer Michał Miązek joined MakoLab in 2013. His observations suggest that between 60 and 70% of the people who share his hobby are IT specialists and that 100% of them probably began with computer games. But now? Now they burn up real racetracks at speeds of more than two hundred and fifty kilometres per hour!

Michał talked to Insights about his passion

When did your interest in motor sports begin?

It really all began in my childhood, with Gran Turismo on PlayStation. Back then, I never expected to have the chance of taking a real car round the track…

Where did your passion for it spring from?

The first step on the road and, at the same time, the first breakthrough was… starting work at MakoLab! I was one of the people who first created the Connected Car business area, where we provide solutions to one of our top clients in the automotive sector. That was in 2017. As a team, we took part in organising a training course in Maisach and, during that, I had the amazing opportunity of circuiting the track with a motor sport instructor. That was when I started thinking that perhaps I’d take up something along those lines. First it was go-carting, but I was more attracted to cars and, in the end, I bought my BMW M2 Competition.

He picks up his phone and pulls up some shots of an impressive car (Instagram: @m2cldz – ed.).
In practice, what does the hobby involve?

At the moment, for example, I’m doing some conversion work on the car, along tracktool lines… and, by the way, I still use it to take the kids to school.
My racing days began at Tor Łódź (Łódź Racetrack – ed.). I took part in an event called TrackDay, where you can test your strengths in a private car. It’s an excellent place for beginners. Meanwhile, I went on several sports driving courses. Ah, and as a point of interest, when I bought the BMW M2, I received a free, professional training session.
Next, I took part in the 2020 BMB M2 cup. That’s an event for amateurs. In short, it’s about achieving the best circuit time. The first time, I came third. Then came the longest track in the world. Twenty-one kilometres at the Nürburgring… it’s an amazing place, with a brilliant atmosphere! People pitch tents and have barbecues in the nearby parking area. It’s all really spectacular… the roar of the engines, the visually stunning cars, the flames belching from exhaust pipes… You can meet all sorts of people there; families with kids, auto fans, amateurs and even professionals. I found myself queueing for tickets alongside none other than Alex Albon himself! There’s a range of options; Touristenfahrten… that’s ‘tourist drives’, TrackDay and doing the circuit with a professional driver, for example. In addition, I’ve had the chance of taking part in VTEC CUP POLAND and the Hot Hatch Cup, where I took fourth place in the OPEN group. I came in after two Porsche 911s and a Porsche Cayman and I was the fastest BMW M2… and there were four of us in all! I also have the chance of testing the latest cars. Most recently, it was a BMW iX, a fully electric SUV. It’s an astonishingly agile car. Even so, I’d rather hear and feel an engine at work. Even the driving sound Hans Zimmer composed specially for the electric BMW M2 hasn’t convinced me. I like the sound, but not as much as the roar of a combustion engine.

What do you get from your hobby?

I’ve met loads of wonderful people. We keep in touch, arrange to meet up at events and swap notes on what’s new and what’s trending. It’s a really great community. Also, the skills I gain on the track carry over to my normal driving. On Track Day, there might be assent to drifting, which increases your notion of how a car could behave in a critical situation. It certainly helps to heighten safety. Motor sport also satisfies the need for an adrenalin rush behind the wheel, meaning you drive a lot more calmly afterwards.

What plans do you have for the near future?

TrackDay at the Nürburgring, Tor Poznań (Poznań Racetrack – ed.), Silesia Ring, training with Damian Lempart and improving my times, which I work at non-stop!

13th January 2022
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