I don’t point out people’s mistakes. I just ask good questions

At MakoLab, every new member of staff is given a welcome in the columns of our in-house newsletter. That’s when we encounter the basic facts that they want to share with us.

When software tester Mieszko Dyba joined us last October, we knew at once that he’d be featuring in our MakoLife section. Why? Read on and see for yourselves! 

There’s an interesting story to your high school days, isn’t there?

I went to an acting high school. I wanted to get into the Łódź Film School, which was why I moved here. But I decided to take a break after graduating from high school and think over whether that was really what I wanted to do. And, as it turned out… it wasn’t!

So what did you finally decide on?

I followed in my family’s footsteps and went to the Medical University of Łódź, where I studied biotechnology and dental techniques. In terms of my background, I’m a dental technician and prosthetist. I can carry out a facial ectoprothesis, for instance!

So, how did the idea of becoming a tester emerge from all that?

I’d always envisaged myself working at a computer. My plan was to design and mill prosthetic restorations using CAD/CAM. While I was at university, I worked as a camera operator and editor. And I worked with graphics. I’ve been using Linux and open source tools for ages. As far back as I can remember, I was sending information about the errors I found to the developers. Later on, I lived with a friend for a while. She’s a tester and she talked me into sending off my CV and starting out in the profession.

About your CV… you’ve got a fair few things on it, haven’t you!

Right. While I was working at the National Fund, I was able to do several courses. That gave me a forklift licence and a nail stylist’s certificate and I also became an authorised electrode, gas and TIG welder.

You also have a really interesting way of getting to know people! Where did the idea of being an illusionist come from?

I’ve been interested in that ever since I was a kid. David Copperfield was really well-known at the time. I searched for information about magic tricks, but that was before the Internet era, so it wasn’t all that easy. Around ten years ago, Dynamo became famous and I went back to that passion and brushed up on it. By then, it was quite easy to find the information I needed. I bought my first deck of professional cards. After I moved to Łódź, I went round the city, going up to complete strangers sitting at tables and asked them if I could practice my magic. If they liked it, they’d buy me a beer! I met loads of people that way. And I always have my cards on me.

Well, what do you think, Insights readers? Could you stay indifferent to a CV like that?

20th January 2022
3 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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