In-house training programme

MakoLab runs a lively in-house training programme. In the IT sector, continually staying right up to date is vital and so is expanding our knowledge. We are constantly extending it and improving it.

 It is one hundred per cent ‘in-house’, run by staff for the other members of our teams. We believe that this is beneficial to everyone involved, a fact that the participants see as obvious. For the staff leading the workshops and other training sessions, they present an opportunity for sharpening up their skills in communicating their knowledge. As we see it, that is a truly valuable experience. At the same time, this is one of the ways in which we reinforce the culture of sharing knowledge, helping one another and the mutual exchange of information which has been inherent to MakoLab from the outset.
In addition to the in-house exchange of knowledge, we also offer external, certified training courses. Our staff members can take courses provided by Microsoft and courses on Kubernetes. We are also taking part in a series of advanced, closed training sessions devoted to increasing our staff’s skills in software architecture, with a particular focus on cloud solutions. Since a great deal of our work is carried out in English, we provide lessons for anyone wishing to improve their proficiency in that area, too.

Here’s a million-dollar question, though. Is it only technological knowledge that has an impact on our work?

Not according to Marketing and Employer Branding Specialist Kamila Braszak ! This is how she sees it: “How well we cope with our daily professional duties is influenced by a mass of factors, including our soft skills, or core skills, if you like. Theoretically, they constitute knowledge we’ve been acquiring ever since childhood. However, it’s often the case that things which seem obvious in theory are tough to put into practice. We work in teams and communicate with each other constantly and that can give rise to difficulties and even to conflicts, which is why it’s so crucial to hold in-house workshops where we can explore and practice things like effective communication skills, including providing and accepting information.”

 Friday 1st October saw the start of a series of workshops devoted to precisely that topic, with two MakoLab project teams taking part. Java developer Beata Szczepaniak was there and has this to say about the experience: “Working on projects in a strictly technological company most often requires collaboration between anything from several people to as many as twenty. Communicating properly allows us to accomplish what the client requires and to do it in line with their expectations. It’s also a crucial part of conveying tasks between team members. The workshop was really valuable. It’s made us not only aware of the negative results that can be brought about by ineffective communication, but also more sensitive to the fact that we’re all different, meaning we might all understanding a given topic differently and that ‘those who ask don’t err’ :)”.
Junior Java developer Amadeusz Janiak sums up what he took away from the training session like this: “Previously, I’d been unconsciously using the communication techniques presented during the workshop, but I didn’t necessarily know the whys and wherefores. Now I can apply the knowledge I’ve gained in my daily life and, at the same time, have a better understanding of what’s being communicated to me. And training programmes like this are also a very interesting form of integrating with colleagues, of course!”
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4th November 2021
3 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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