It isn’t a typical corporation

Piotr Paul has been with us for three months as a .NET designer in our Business Solutions Department. At the moment, he is working remotely in the Częstochowa area, around a hundred and thirty kilometres south of our Łódź HQ. Insights talked to Piotr about his impressions of MakoLab so far.

You’re one of the few members of the team working full-time from somewhere other than MakoLab’s offices. How does it feel to be a pioneer?!

I’ve always been in favour of remote working, so, for me, it was one of the more important factors in choosing where I’d work next. I spent some time at the offices when I first started and (he grins) I know the coffee there is brilliant!

You’re on Adam Cieślakowksi’s team in our Business Solutions department and one of the things you’re working on is our ColDis project, in other words, MakoLab’s proprietary property management programme. It’s one of our longest-running projects. How have you responded to it? ?

It’s one of several brilliant challenges! We’re thinking about how to transfer it to new blocks. It has loads of functionalities and there are various clients using it all the time. Right now, we’re creating an app for another client and I want to set it up so that it forms the core for transferring functionalities from ColDis, using the latest trends and models from the world of .NET 5, of course.

You’re a programmer to the depth of your being, wouldn’t you say?

My story goes back quite a way because I began programming right after I graduated. I started in PHP, but I’ve always really liked C++ and C#. I think they’re ecstatically gorgeous languages and that’s what lies at the root of my love of .NET.

What are your observations about MakoLab?

I like the fact that it isn’t a typical corporation. I can do what needs to be done, do my job, report back and hand my work over and I know it’s OK. There’s no massive pressure and there are no complicated procedures. And if I need assistance, there’s always someone who’ll give me a helping hand. New challenges arise, as well… and I love a challenge and I want to do something with newer technology.

Adam’s team is studded with keen members like Piotr. We wish you all the best with ColDis!

2nd September 2021
2 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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