Multitasking, an unfailing helping hand and humour!

She has been working at MakoLab since November 2017. Multitasking is second nature to her and she is also an expert at finding potential for improvement and development. Meet our Financial Software Solutions (FSS) line manager, Kasia Gorzechowska! 

 Insights spoke to several FSS team members, who all spoke of her in glowing terms! 

I go to her with hopeless cases and she always finds a way to help… with everything! How does she do it? Seriously, I just don’t know. She’ll always find a place for your issue on her long ‘to-do’ list. Kasia doesn’t see problems, she sees challenges. There are times when she’s there, soothing enraged masculine tempers and there are times when she’s giving someone a bollo… when she’s pointing out details that we guys haven’t got a clue about. She always lays her cards on the table and I also appreciate the fact that she puts her trust in people and that she sees the potential in everyone and shows everyone their own way forward . To me she’s absolutely the right person in the right place at MakoLab.
Radosław Urbaniak, Project Manager
Kasia’s an extremely professional person and she’s strongly focused on the topics she’s involved with… and there are often a whole lot of them all at once, and all of them urgent. At the same time, she maintains her highly positive attitude, offering humour, a smile and understanding when it comes to her team’s goings-on. A manager who’s remained human! Respect!
Jacek Wiślicki, Senior Java Developer
I’ve been working with Kasia for several years now and I’m always surprised by how she manages to carry out so many tasks effectively at more or less the same time. Recruitment, new quotes, general matters concerning the company, solving problems within the team and with projects… all of that in one person. Her eye for detail is unwavering, but she’s just as capable of looking at emerging issues from an outsider’s viewpoint. Mind you, for all her extraordinary efficiency in doing her job and solving problems, it’s the people she works with who come first with Kasia. She never fails to sense a potentially tough situation and react appropriately before it makes it presence felt. When you work with Kasia as your manager, you don’t have the sense of a typical boss-employee set-up. It’s much more a matter of feeling that she’s there for you if you have any kind of problem.
Michał Rospierski, Project Manager

 Next, we talked to Kasia herself.

Tell us something about yourself, Kasia.

I studied electronics and telecommunications, specialising in microprocessor systems, and I did my master’s in computing in Great Britain. So, to be honest, I never supposed for a moment that I’d become a manager. Although, when I think about it, I often got involved in organising various activities… I don’t know how to live without contact with other people and I don’t want to… so maybe the role was assigned to me from the beginning?

After I graduated, I stayed in Britain, where I worked for Telent, creating support tools for engineers, but I started getting homesick for Poland quite quickly. Two years later, I came back and began working for a telecommunications company as a technical writer, a go-between for developers and engineers configuring telecom networks. Soon after that, I was informally leading a team. Then I became a formal team leader and project manager. Maybe it was partly because I was continually getting involved in various company initiatives and projects that someone told me that one of the business areas was looking for a manager and suggested that it might be worth applying. And that’s what happened. After an internal recruitment process that was certainly no piece of cake, I was given the role.

Is managing a team of programmers difficult? What are the challenges?

Every job has its challenges. In this role, one thing’s certain; every day is different, bringing new problems, but also new success. We’re all different. We all have our own expectations and keeping everyone happy isn’t easy. I think what might be the most difficult is working with people in a way that includes both their enthusiasms and business requirements. Like it or not, we’re not working for charity and satisfied clients are also vital.

What do you like most about your work?

Could there be an easier question?! Contact with people, for sure… and that’s something I’ve missed enormously over the past eighteen months. So many topics, large and small, that beg to be discussed over a coffee or sketched out on a whiteboard, but now, sadly, most of that happens over Teams instead.

What do you do after work? Do you have any particular hobbies?

I love skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. It’s a bit tough that they’re seasonal and can only be done by going to a suitable spot, but I manage. Apart from that, I really enjoy travelling, having a glimpse of other cultures and, in particular, exploring different cuisines. And I spend a lot of time with my children, of course. I’m slowly infecting them with my passions. And, last but not least, meeting up with friends gives me shot of energy for daily life.

Now all that remains for me to do is recommend that you try working with Kasia yourselves! Check out our job offers!

18th November 2021
5 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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