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Pro-level multitasking

Friday 23rd September 2022
He joined MakoLab in 2021. If you took part in our recent webinar, All our projects work out well. Why? DevOps the MakoLab way, then you’ll already have encountered him. In addition to being a member of the MakoLab Operations Team, he’s not only the manager of the Spaleni Słońcem bar, but is also studying at university… and somehow, he still manages to fit in some serious soccer training! If you’re wondering how on earth he keeps all those balls in the air, then don’t worry. So are we!

This week, Insights talks to Adam Kupczak of DevOps at MakoLab.
How are you finding working at MakoLab?
When I was looking for a job at the very start of my career, what mattered to me most was definitely the opportunity to develop and to acquire the widest possible range of skills. Working on the MakoLab DevOps team has given me that in spades! Over almost a year now, I’ve gained so many technical and business skills. I’ve found out how the company, the departments and the individual teams work, not to mention who the mysterious clients are. Working in a company like this is a pleasure!
Is it true that you’re not only combining work and studying, but that you also step behind a bar at the weekends?
It’s actually a bit more intense than that 😊 At the beginning of the year, I took on the position of manager in a bar where I’d previously been a bartender for four years. It means that, once my day at MakoLab ends, I switch hats and start running the Spalonych Słońcem. Working behind a bar is more of a hobby for me now. I’ll do it if we’re short-staffed at the weekend or when help is needed. In between, I do my best to combine it with my studies and soccer training.
How do you do it? Where do you find the time and the energy for all that?
Loads of people ask me that, but it’s a lifestyle that really suits me. At the end of the day, I do feel tired, but I also feel that it’s been a day well spent. Then I get up in the morning with a plan of what I have to do that day and I just do it.
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How do you see MakoLab as an employer? Do we help you when it comes to combining those three worlds in one?
I’m hugely grateful to the team and the company for exactly how much they help me do that. I’m on a full-time course, which sometimes means that I have to work unusual hours so that I can turn up at the university as required. My colleagues often cover for me so that I can do a test, for example. I’m genuinely lucky that I’m surrounded by people who understand my situation and support me so that I can graduate. As I see it, I made a really good choice when I decided to go to work while I’m still studying and that fact that I’ve managed to combine the two is also very much thanks to the company and the team.
Adam is a living example of how it’s possible to combine a job… or even two… not only with studying, but also with a major hobby, without going mad! On the contrary! And everything we’ve seen shows us that doing it all makes no difference to being a fantastic person… and a happy one, too 😊
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Kamila Braszak
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