The collaborative mindset is king!

In January this year, she joined the MakoLab QA team. Although peace and quiet are her go-to working environment, she also has a definite need for a regular heart-to-heart So, despite remote working, she decided she would come into the office at least once a week. For her, that means our branch in the venerable, south-eastern city of Lublin.

At Insights, we were curious to get an idea of her impressions after her first few months with MakoLab… while they’re still fresh! How does a newcomer to the team view our company? Read our conversation with Paulina Guz, MakoLab QA tester, to find out! 

What brought you to us?

The moment had come… the moment when I said to myself that it was time for a change of job. Shortly after I sent in my CV, Adam Pietrzyk1 called me and he set up an online meeting with Dominik Smajek2 and the QA team leaders. One thing I noticed at once was how different it was from any other interview I’d ever had. The atmosphere was really friendly.

In general, I’m certainly enjoying the job. Right from the start, I’ve been amazed by the fact that I haven’t met a single person here who hasn’t been ready to share their knowledge. The collaborative mindset is king! There’s no personal bias. Everyone’s eyes are on the shared goal. Everyone’s super welcoming and everyone’s ready to help and share what they know.

What do you like most about working at MakoLab?

The genuine equality has certainly caught my attention. No one has an over-elevated sense of themselves, there’s no hierarchy that would lead to divisions. Everyone’s equal. There’s a real sense that something which ought to be standard in every company is a matter of course here. MakoLab people are open. They communicate with one another. Another plus is that everything’s organised to such a level that remote working’s a breeze.

Who would you recommend working at MakoLab to?

MakoLab’s the perfect place for people who want to learn a lot, keep on developing and enjoy the support of others with more experience than they have. In terms of my field, I can say that the training courses prepared by Jakub Konicki and Karol Optiz… they’re both senior QA engineers… are brilliant!

What do you get up to once you finish work?

I love going to beautiful spots in my free time. Roaming the mountains is really calming and relaxing. I also love driving and singing at the top of my voice! My repertoire’s a varied one. It ranges from Iron Maiden, via Happysad, to all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I love going to the theatre and I try to see a play at least once a month. My evenings involve books and good board games. I’m not keen on running, but I do sign up for a Runmageddon3 a few times a year and slosh around up to my eyebrows in mud! The next one’s on 9th of April, in Wrocław4.

If anyone fancies joining in with Paulina and her mud-sloshing footwork, you know where to find her! And we’re delighted that she’s leapt across the threshold, landed safely at MakoLab and found her feet with us! 

1 one of our HR specialists
2 our head of QA
3 obstacle course races
4 the regional capital of Lower Silesia, in south-west Poland. 

31st March 2022
3 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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