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The friendly atmosphere is tangible

Friday August 19th, 2022
This week, Insights has been talking to another MakoLab ‘fresher’ and we’re delighted to introduce… Joanna ‘Asia’ Klinkiewicz! She joined our Automotive Software Solutions team in April and despite working remotely, she already feels quite at home with us 😊 What did she have to say about her first few months at MakoLab? Read on to find out!
You joined us at the beginning of April this year. Do you feel fully settled in?
Yes, I think so, although I don’t often come in to the office. Working from home does slow the process of getting to know the company down a bit, but I’ve met most of my colleagues now, so I’m feeling more at ease every day.
What does your daily work involve?
I’m working as a .NET programmer and over the past three-plus months, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring several areas. I’ve worked on projects where I was transferring an older application to .NET Core. At the moment, I’m working with the Arval team. That’s involved writing applications for data base migrations, fixing errors in the code or writing Azure WebJobs . I’ll also be joining the another project team shortly.
What made you send us your CV?
I’d heard plenty of positive opinions about MakoLab on more than on occasion. I have friends who’ve worked here for years and they recommended it as a good company with a great atmosphere. I’d heard about the .NET projects, which have a seriously cutting-edge technological stack and the fact that you’re open to B2B contracts. The company’s location was another thing that appealed to me.
Is there anything about MakoLab that surprised you in particular?
No so much surprised me, perhaps, as confirmed my initial assumptions. As I said, I’d heard really positive opinions about the company and after these first few months, I’m behind them all the way. In addition to the interesting projects, the open and friendly atmosphere is tangible… even when you’re working remotely!
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We know you have quite a few fascinating interests. Could you tell us a bit about what you most enjoy doing in your free time?
Of course! During the summer, I turn into a sports maniac! I swim, cycle and do yoga. In the winter, though, I love basking in a sauna and getting together with friends and playing board games at home or taking part in pub quizzes around the city. I also enjoy reading travel books, psychology books and reportage. But my greatest, year-round passion is travel. I especially love spending time close to nature and roaming the mountains. It’s not long now till I’m off to Iceland!
Once again, we have reason to rejoice! MakoLabbers’ happiness in their work is always our priority. May the forthcoming months abound with even better experiences 😊 We’re also hoping that Asia will share her adventures in Iceland with us… and we’ll certainly be asking her about them
Maybe you’re feeling intrigued to find out for yourself whether what they say about MakoLab is true? A very warm welcome awaits you if you are, so check out our current job offers.
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