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Thuesday, 26th October, 2021
Michał Monsoń has been with us since the beginning of April, working with Dominik Smajek’s Mobile team. His story shows how MakoLab and Dominik are well aware that good juniors are the best investment.

Insights talked to Michał about his first five months with us.
Michał, you’re in the final year of studying at the Krakow University of Technology for your master’s degree in data science. You first encountered MakoLab in 2018 when you did an internship with us, isn’t that right?
Yes. MakoLab’s the first company where I’ve had a serious job. The post-internship world isn’t an easy one. Most companies, when they see you’ve had three months’ experience, they never get back to you. Sometimes, the ones I did get to talk to didn’t even bother to get in touch again after we’d met. Dominik knew me from my internship and it just so happened that he was looking for someone to join the team. He’s someone you can talk to and he really does know what he’s doing.
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m assisting on a range of things. One’s an in-house project, Entry, an application for controlling the number of staff in the office during the pandemic. So far, my knowledge has been based on Kotlin, but now I’m working to get to know Flutter.
What do you value about MakoLab?
The team I’m on consists of highly intelligent and really helpful people. If I don’t know something, I can always write to them and someone will steer me towards the right solution. I’m an introvert, but even so, I don’t have any problems talking to anyone here and I really do try to play and active part in our conversations. There’s no hierarchy. Nobody’s busy checking out whether you’re a senior or junior team member.
At the moment, Michał has no plans to change the system he’s working to, so he’ll continue to be ‘our man in Krakow’. 😉
And we’re looking forward to the next internship programme because, as you can see, it certainly brings good results!
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Michał Mosoń was talking to Marta Piotrowska

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