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When we look for answers to the question about what working in any given company is like, one of the most valuable sources of information is the staff who recently joined it. Their view of the onboarding process and the organisation as a whole is still fresh, like their memories of what surprised them, pluses and minuses alike. More often than not, they are also very happy to share their new-found knowledge and, here at Insights, we are more than happy to listen to them!

This week, we talked to content management specialist Urszula Skiba, who joined us in April. What did she have to say about her first few months at MakoLab? Read on to find out!

How do you feel at MakoLab?

I feel great, though not a hundred per cent sure of myself yet, because I’m still a newbie! Even so, I’ve felt cared for ever since day one. The support team gave me a such warm reception and you really can always count on their help.

Has MakoLab given you any positive surprises?

One thing that’s positive right from the word go is that MakoLab keeps a firm hand on the formalities and everything HR-related. Everything was made crystal clear from the outset and turned out to be exactly the same as what I was told during my job interview.

Another plus is how open all the staff are and how happy they are to share their knowledge and experience. That’s something I really value. There’s also the sense that you can always rely on your departmental colleagues for help, that you’re never left grappling with a problem on your own.

What do you value about your first three months with us?

I really value the knowledge I’ve already acquired, working from home, not being compelled to come into the office and the meetings and get-togethers with my colleagues. Like I said, I also value the openness of all the staff… and their reliability, too.

What have you liked most in the past couple of months?

I started here on 1st April and before the end of May, I had the chance of going to the MakoPicnic1! The event was wonderfully organised! I think there was something for everyone who wanted to find it. The weather was a bit dodgy, but even so, it was a chance to relax in natural surroundings. That kind of get-together is one of the few chances to get to know your colleagues personally, which made it especially nice.

I also like the atmosphere at the office and between the staff.

What do you do after work?

I relax by making things out of paper… gifts, greetings cards, notelets, albums… I like cutting out, gluing and giving my family and friends handmade cards. Working with paper and a multitude of patterns, colours and textures gives me so much joy and it really helps me unwind. I love all kinds of ‘come in handy’ bits and bobs… stamps, tools for cutting, punching and perforating, tapes, flowers, little pearls… The list is endless! Just all the things I use to create cards and notelets and albums2. As a family, we relax on the move. We love bike orienteering. It’s always an amazing adventure! Every rally’s an exploration of a new part of Poland. It gives us a chance to see places you’d never normally think of visiting, but they’re beautiful and fascinating. The next rally we’re heading to is in the village of Malonic in the south and the event base is going to be the historical metal works there.

It’s not only the physical effort you need to make if you’re going to cover around sixty to seventy kilometres. Just as important is working with a map so as to plan your route properly and reach as many checkpoints as possible as quickly as you can. Using a GPS isn’t allowed! Just looking for the points is enormously appealing to my children, especially if it involves getting into water or riding along a muddy trail!

We’re thrilled that everyone finds their feet with us so well… all the more so given that it’s the MakoLabbers themselves who create our company’s unbeatable atmosphere!

If you’re reading this and thinking how great it would be great to work with us and see Insights publish an interview with you about your start at MakoLab, then don’t delay. Check out our Careers page today! 

translation by Caryl Swift

1 MakoLab’s company picnic, an annual, outdoor gathering, held in the late spring or early summer for all the staff and their nearest and dearest, including the canine members of their families! As well as refreshments, it features workshops, fun and games for all ages - ed.

2 We highly recommend visiting Ula’s website,, and having a look at her work!- ed.

7th July 2022
4 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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