We make sure that everything runs productively

She joined MakoLab in October 2021, taking on the mantle of head of our Data Centre and, as she sees it, collaboration is built on a foundation of good relationships.

Insights talked to Marta Kubiak about the origins of her fascination with IT and who she works best with.

How did you find your way to us?

Following a good boss! I worked with Piotr Adamkiewicz [one of the two vice presidents of MakoLab’s management board – ed.] for years. We operate well together and we trust each other. And that’s the foundation that collaboration is built on.

Where did your interest in this particular sphere of business spring from?

Chance, pure and simple. I graduated in organisation and management from the Łódź University of Technology and went on to manage all sorts of projects. Eventually, that brought me to IT and I decided to stay with it. The Data Centre is another sphere for me to explore and I’m thrilled to have the chance of learning something new. Earlier on, I was managing software development, so now I’ve moved on to something a bit different.

What does your team do?

We make sure that everything runs productively. We’re responsible for maintaining all the equipment in the two Łódź server rooms, on ulica Demokratyczna and ulica Stokowska… and all the projects in the AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds. The work’s truly varied. The guys deal with everything, from changing the hardware… the servers, discs and network devices… to troubleshooting code. Their versatility and commitment never cease to amaze me! The Data Centre has more than a hundred clients and their satisfaction is our number one priority.

Are there any challenges attached to running an all-male team?

I’m used to it now, because more or less every team I’ve worked on since the start of my professional life has been predominantly male. I’d say that working with guys is easier than working with women!

What do you most enjoy doing outside work?

You mean once I’ve sorted out the house, the children, the dog, the cat and the hamster? A bit of doing sweet nothing-at-all! (she laughs) I like gardening, swimming, bicycling and motorcycling. Skiing in winter. And in summer… look for me out sailing!

Does the idea of joining Marta’s team appeal to you? 

24th February 2022
2 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist

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