We really understand one another

She’s one of those MakoLab staff members who have been with us more or less from the outset and she’s now a senior front-end developer in our Business Solutions department.
Meet Marta Kansy-Pieszyńska! Insights talked to her about her career trajectory at MakoLab and about why she thinks that working here is a bit like marriage!

How long have you been at MakoLab?

In my case, that’s like asking a woman her age! Let’s just say that I’ve been here as long as our CEO.

What gave you the idea of going into programming?

I used to love drawing when I was a kid. At primary school, I encountered LOGO, which made it possible to draw simple elements by using commands and in a way that remains incomprehensible to me to this day, those two things that were outwardly so different became inextricably united. The end result was my choice to specialise in front end.

What do you like most about what you do?

Development. And I’m not thinking about the continual learning that’s part of the job. I like the development on all planes, from the most obvious professional growth to the development of skills through interpersonal contact, not to mention watching the company develop. It might seem strange, but in my case, working at MakoLab has enabled me to get to know and understand my own self better. It’s opened me up to people to a degree that I’d never even have dreamed of at school. I’ve also experienced the human face of MakoLab many a time and I’ll always be immeasurably grateful to the people who are that face. What I’m going to say now goes fairly much against popular opinion, but to me, working in one company for many years isn’t tantamount to a mistake made in life or a lack of growth or courage. Working at MakoLab is a bit like marriage. We met early on, while I was still young, and together, we’ve developed and matured. When I started out here, I hadn’t acquired or formed any habits or got set in my ways. It’s easier to adapt when you’re young and easier to reach a comprise. After all these years, we really understand one another, we trust one another and we know we can count on each other. It’s not all rose-coloured… there are days that are more challenging… but where doesn’t that happen? Lifelong relationships are rare these days and I’m interested in how things are going to progress!

Although I try to avoid artificial divisions like the plague, it’s impossible not to notice the disproportion in this sector. There are still more men than women. Do you have a sense of that ‘dominance’ in your daily work?

Dominance? No, I don’t feel dominated! I can even say that almost fifty per cent of my team is women and it’s been that way for several weeks! For me, that’s a whole new situation. It’s the first time it’s happened since I started working here. Earlier, I worked on more or less entirely male teams, where I encountered nothing but intelligent, enormously kind men… ‘BS’, I’m sending you a warm hello!… and I never felt as if I was in the proverbial gentleman’s club, either. Sometimes, perhaps, I missed the possibility of swapping female and maternal experiences… and, of course, I’ve always had to hunt down brilliant clothes for myself. After all, there’s not much likelihood of seeing one of the boys wearing something that’d work for me!

So, what do you most enjoy doing once you’ve shut the laptop down?

Nurturing, in the widest sense. I try to nurture my family and the time we spend together. I nurture our two cats and the garden, which is totally soothing, no matter what might be making me stressed. I nurture my health and that’s an area where I can see constantly growing potential. I nurture my home and, at times, I help complete strangers nurture theirs by doing some interior design, which is my secret passion!

Now, would you believe what Marta said when we approached her about interviewing her? She claimed to be so ‘ordinary’ that there’d be no point at all in her talking to us! Well, luckily we didn’t put any faith in those words and we’re certainly not sorry! Thanks to our editorial team’s unwavering determination, we’ve been able to add this latest gem to our MakoLife collection! We’re so happy that we have such extraordinarily ‘ordinary’ members of staff on board!

translation by Caryl Swift

21st July 2022
4 min. read

Kamila Braszak

Employer Branding Specialist


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